~Coffee is Love~

I am a lucky cup
Always filled with craziness  and joy
Together we make memories of sweetness
You being my precious drink
I can’t  be me without you
Ground and brewed
My kindda addiction
Your taste will always be best seller
Me ~ a lucky cup forever
Coffee is you
Love ain’t  the same
Without you
A cup of coffee in this dull hour
Makes love worthwhile 

*we always need a cup to enjoy our coffee right? 

(c) quirkyshine

34 thoughts on “~Coffee is Love~

  1. OMG! Very nice! I like this post! I just followed you and would love to be blogger friends! I just posted my London trip !I blog every day too! Paris, Italy, and Germany would be up soon too! Enjoy! Hope to hear from you soon! XOXO – CHY http://herlostmango.com/ I’m a Filipina leaving in California! XOXO

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