~Because I Love You~

Because I Love You…
I found you in your nothingness

Inside you is a broken spirit

Shattered strength 

All for a dream

Yet elusive

Like our distance

I found you in darkness

I couldn’t see that face

But I could taste your anguish

Bitter about life

Like our love turned sour

I found you through my own light

To risk what I have

Hoping to fill a void

Because I love you

All the hollows in your heart

All the emptiness you feel

Hear the truth from this gentle lips

Because of love and

Because of you

I found you when you cannot find yourself

Because I love you 
~quirkyshine November 25, 2016 

~If I Have a Minute to Love You~

If I have a minute to love you…
The game begins in 




Who I wanted to love?

I wanna love his heart

And cherish it deeply

You mean the most to me

If I have a minute to love you

Yes I would definitely grab the moment

Sieze the limited seconds

Than forever weep in regret

I wanna get close to your soul

Look inside 

See what I  have been missing all this time

I would tell you everything

All the rhythms of my rhymes

All the verses in my songs

All the love I have for you

If I have a minute to love you

I will hold your hand

Kiss you the sweetest kiss

Embrace you as much as I can

Till the game is over

And I become the last woman standing

If I have a minute to love you
~quirky shine