~The Heart has Reasons~

The heart cannot hide from its keeper
Cannot deprive itself of passion
The desire to appease it’s obsession
The heart cannot be fooled by it’s voice
It speaks at the moment it is untamed
It rejects any pain and knows only gain
The happiness felt at its core
The heart has powers
The strength to suffer in vain
The force to break it’s spirit free

The heart remains to be mysterious
It loves to beat the odds
It surpasses all storms
It has a mind of it’s own

“The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing” (Blaise Pascal)

© quirky shine

~The Writer’s Hands~


~The Writer’s Hands~

I have learned to trust his hands…

The words he painted in my heart

The notes he sweetly played

A remnant of his passion that shall neither wane nor go in vain

I have learned to love his voice

The myriad of languages he spoke to bring back my sanity

The hymns of love he sang

A glance at the fire

Exuding from my lovers eyes

I have learned to dance with his soul

All the tears he shed to pacify my livid thoughts

The lullabies he hummed deep to the core of my mind

He is a gem the rarest of it’s kind

I have learned to embrace his strokes

The simplicity of his rhymes

The letters flowing in the veins of his hands

My writer’s hands

© quirkyshine


~Infinity~ (Beyond Imagination of Infinity)

Dear love
Come back to me
My muse in the distant light
You are the cure in my endless plight
Drink my tears oh lover of mine
As I embrace all your countless fears tonight
Dear heart
Dare not leave me
You are the only joy my lips ever know
My power in my dying strength
Kiss the pain reigning my thoughts
As I build up your ego and be your unwavering pride
Dear keeper
Please hold me
My shadow when I needed my knight
Gleaming my path to life
You are the triumph in all my fights
Extol me ceaselessly
Love me till eternity
Beyond your imagination of infinity


~The Lone Writer~

Lonely she goes unnoticed

She cries for mercy

Like a slave for misery

She wants to break her silence

After the betrayal of her shadow

Hurting, she thirsts for blood

To quench her drive to write

All the stories in her barren mind

Unable to master the art of exploiting her crippled heart

Scribbling, she sought to find her healing

Through her wild imaginations, bereft of meaning

Naked she hides her feelings

She was stripped off passion

And lost possession of her dreams

Her thoughts were never celebrated

And her letters were drenched with tears

The lone writer left this place

Not a voice was heard

No traces of her pen

“Solitude has always been her friend”

© quirkyshine



Subtle you say

Your thoughts worded in disarray

Cluttered in a medium

Like your mind is suffering from delirium

Still wanting to drive your own carriage

Lamenting over excessive emotional baggage

Your remarks I refused to welcome

Suggesting a fray, I find it gruesome

If you contest my suit

I dare you not to loot

Not to breach the peace

For this war has long ceased

© quirkyshine 🙂

~Unfolding the Future~

We are the history

Unfolding the future’s mystery

We are the past

Unveiling the secret that last

We are who we become

Seekers of unknown emotion

We are the story

Bearing in the mind of a child

We are the lesson

To be written in someone’s heart

We are the source

Of a forgotten world

We are the message

Our sons and daughters will preach someday

We are the example

They have to live by

Finally, we are the finest wisdom

A glimpse of tomorrow

© quirkyshine 2015

~Evergreen~ (2)


I stand tall in the midst of darkness

Not reluctant to dance with the wind

Not intimidated by the coldness of winter

My heart is unbreakable

I will stand firm and

Keep my feet on the ground

With no doubt

I give shade to keep you safe

I am the King of the woods

A jewel found in the forest land

A heaven in the wilderness

I simply love touching the sky

Whispering words of kindness

Standing tall and

Painting the whole universe


© quirkyshine 2015 (image and poetry)

Thank you very much my very beautiful friend Murrsma for this challenge… here’s a link to her beautiful blog http://www.thecrackedcrone.com.

She invited me to join the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge..post a photo for five consecutive days attaching a story, poem or paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge.

Today is the second day… I would like to invite My Friend Dell, (https://dimscribblesdiary.wordpress.com) my good friend, you may or may not participate… your choice is highly respected… 🙂 thank you! 🙂

~You Were Meant to Shine~ (Day 1)


You’re too perfect

Beyond my imagination

So beautiful and lovely

I cannot define

All I could fathom

Is the sweetness of your petals

You are only a dream

A vision of hope

I swear not to hurt you

Not to break your silence

You were meant to shine

And this is the right time

Destined to bloom

Like the fullness of the moon

You are so enticing

I am hypnotized by your fragrant breathe

Yet all I can do is stare at you

You are for everyone to enjoy

Your wish is my command

I will not pick you

You were meant to shine

© quirkyshine

Thank you very much my very beautiful friend Murrsma for this challenge… here’s a link to her beautiful blog http://www.thecrackedcrone.com.

She invited me to join the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge..post a photo for five consecutive days attaching a story, poem or paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge.

Today is the first day… I would like to invite Prateek Kohli (https://lifeinquantums.wordpress.com)… my good friend, you may or may not participate… your choice is highly respected… 🙂

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Q&A: (original questions)

1.       If you could meet anyone from throughout history. Who and why?

Well, she would be the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta or Mother Teressa, she inspired me a lot… she was one selfless soul and had a heart to serve the people… I want to meet her and ask questions about humanity and service.

2.       What is your favourite book and why?

I read a lot of books/novels/blogs (whether it be fictional or romance). But one particular book that I love to  read all over again is the Alchemist by Paolo Coelho… It was introduced to me by my classmate in Law School…as  I told him about my ambitions to be a singer or musician and that I never wanted to be a lawyer. So he introduced to me this book and was truly enlightened after reading it. “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”  ~Paolo Coelho

3.      Who is your favourite fiction character from any medium and why?

Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)… I just love her strength… 🙂

Q&A from Bj Gaulton:

1) If you could choose to be a fictional character in any medium; who would you pick and why?

Still the same… Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)… I just love her… 🙂

2) Have you ever read anything, that you at first did not like but later changed your mind about it. What book was it and what made you change your mind?

Yes, it’s the book of Oscar Wilde… the Picture of Dorian Gray… I think I will give myself a chance to know the characters.

3) Do you have a favourite poem? If yes, who wrote it and why do you like it?

A lot! Every poem for me is perfect whether its written by a child or a professional… I actually have many favorites… but there’s one writer/poet that I really admire and love and he is behind most of my poetry… 🙂 he is a simple man… known by few… but he has a a great heart and a beautiful soul… he is my muse… my seablueone… all the poems he wrote are my favorite 🙂

Here are my three questions:

1. If you could read someone’s mind, whose mind would you read and why?

2. Would you rather travel to the past or future? why?

3. What was the worst nightmare you have ever experienced? (Can you tell us through a poem?)

My Nominees:

This is hard as most of the people I follow and some of my followers do inspire me or their writings do make a difference in my life… rules are rules… and to be fair… I choose bloggers on the freshly pressed page whom I wanted to know more through their writings and I just started following 🙂

1. https://rollercoasterrides.wordpress.com

2. http://www.anntogether.com

3. http://www.hikeourplanet.com

4. https://litratopinoy.wordpress.com

5. https://dawnserene.wordpress.com

6. http://www.clipsandsnippets.com

~Damsel in Distress~

She painted a tragedy

In her heart with tainted memories

She sang a peculiar tone

As she walked another milestone

Stars fall from the sky

Together with those tears she cried

Who will save her soul

She’s your damsel in distress