~Longest Whisper~


Voices so clear

I hear you whisper

The sound of your love

I could taste the sweetness of forever

Sharing the music of our hearts and rhythms of the soul

I gently close my eyes

To feel your presence

Till my heart’s content

Don’t let go of your longest whisper

Be my love for eternity




Pieces of my heart

Hanging on the tree

One by one

They all fall to the ground

Where your heart lies



To my dearest sunshine

You are truly amazing

Thank you for keeping all our memories

When my thoughts go wander in space


To my dearest rainbow

You are truly awesome

Thank you for holding my senses

When my sanity crosses borders of the unknown


To my dearest moonlight

You are truly splendid

Thank you for lighting my path

When my shadows creep in the dark


To my dearest starlight

You are truly magnificent

Thank you for loving my silliest ways

When my actions are inconsistent with the words I say

Thank you for the love

Yours Truly


~Fairy Tale~ (two-way poetry)


She lived happily ever after

The dawn is breaking then

Life begins to unfold

Finding the right love

At the most perfect time

To take a glimpse of the past

She insisted not

Some hope whispered in her dreams

History has passed where

Love failed her

Words she can’t write

Her heart gone missing

Broken weeping in silence

There she went

Once upon a time


Hi everyone! I miss most of you and I miss reading your poems and stories too… hope everything is well with you. Will catch up soon… promise… take care lovely people! Love love love ❤


Change is beginning to dawn
New goals
Different lifestyle
Crazy adventures
What else?
Get married or just stay sassy and single?
Have kids or maybe just one kid?
I don’t know
In a few days from now
I will say hello to another era
Where mostly midlife crisis begins
I am not sure
That’s what they say
Or is it too early?
Well, cheers to life, love, and success
I am turning thirty very soon
As the song goes, “wake me up when September ends”
Please do…