~Thousand Yellow Balloons~ (original)


Oh this love
It’s paradise
I’m hypnotized
By your smile
And I cry
Holding you so long
To your heart
I belong

Oh this heart
Is missing you my love
I’m mezmerized
By your charm
And I smile
Right after we kissed
To your heart
I belong


Fly fly fly take me to the sky
Try try try we’ll catch the butterflies
Letting go
Letting go
Thousand yellow balloons
Light up the sky
Light up the sky

Oh my love
You’re paradise
I’m amazed
Of your eyes so blue
And I fall…and I fall
Will you catch me then
To your heart
I belong


To your heart
I belong…
Fly fly fly like a dancing butterfly
try try try to reach the highest skies
Letting go
Letting go
Thousand yellow balloons
Letting go
Letting go
Let it fly…
Light up the sky
Learning to fly
To your heart
To your heart
Where I belong
I belong
I belong

music and lyrics:
© quirkyshine 2015

~Borrowed Life~


This life
Is not mine
My heart
Is not made for thousand gods
My hands
Are not made to hurt
My tongue
Is not made to curse
My eyes
Are not made for pleasure
My ears
Are not set for ignorance
I was given life
To connect with another soul
This life is a blessing
This heart is for only one God
These hands are for my gifts
This tongue is for kindness
These eyes are for compassion
These ears are for wisdom
This life isn’t mine
It’s something borrowed
I was made for a reason
That reason
Only God knows

“Hiram na buhay”

A Borrowed Life
© quirky 2015



In God’s perfect time
The wounds of your past will be healed

Someday you will be seeing rainbows and butterflies

One day you will be able to forgive and forget

Time will come when you need not to sleep with a heavy heart

One morning you will wake up with a smile on your face

Today just cry it out
The sun will surely rise tomorrow

Feel all the pain
Weep till it hurts no more

Tonight just say a prayer and talk to your keeper

He will turn your sorrows into dust
Gather them all into your hands and blow them softly away

Let it go, take it easy, and set your heart free

Dance like there is no tomorrow
Sing till the very last note

One sweet day you will know the reason why it never worked out with him

There is a time for everything
A time to love again
Inshallah (God willing)

©quirky 2015

(this poem is for my lovely bessy. I do hope this poem will make her feel better)

~Let the World See Your Beautiful Soul~


Yes “LIFE”

You are not a mere biological accident

You happen for a reason

Just look inside your heart

Find that light

You happen for a greater purpose

Not to destroy lives, not to spread darkness or evil

But to infect wisdom and peace

Some people are products of true love while some are products of lust

Even an uprooted tree can be replanted

There is always hope

Every life is sacred

Take it is a gift

“Be what you are. This is the first step towards a beautiful life”

By knowing thyself

Means knowing your worth… knowing your true value

Cherish the simplicity of things

Let go of any grudges

Let go of pride and invidiousness

Your life is beautiful

You are not a mistake

Know thyself is a huge process

What thou hast made man happy?

What gives man peace?

But come to think of it…

Do you believe in your capacity to change yourself?

Do not ever underestimate your power to improve your life

A beautiful life means “Living at peace with everyone”

You are part of this beautiful world

Hopeless people love chaos

Hatred is what makes them pathetic

Thou shan’t covet evil and madness in your thoughts

Instead release goodness

Open your heart

Let the world see your beautiful soul

© quirky 2015

~How do you see your life?~

The way we see our lives shapes our lives

How we define life determines our destiny

My life on Earth is a Test

God continually tests my character, faith, obedience, love, integrity, and loyalty.

All of my life is a test

Will I be tempted or will I obey His will?

My life on Earth is a Trust

Am I gonna break this Trust?

He entrusted me with talents

Should I sing for His glory or for fame?

Should I paint kindness in one’s memory or paint darkness in one’s heart?

Should I speak with wisdom or force someone to do bad things?

God entrusted me with wisdom

Will I use it to help a broken person?

My life on Earth is Temporary

Someday I’m gonna leave this Earth and be with my Maker

Life is a mist… a fast runner… a wisp of smoke

Our days on Earth are as transient as a shadow

Reflect…Meditate… think of your life…

How do you see your life?

© quirkyshine


The sun is shining

My heart seeks its light

Share no ill

Curse no more

Refuse to speak unpleasant

Free yourself from spite

Let no anger cover your soul

Let no hate wrap your heart

Let go of cloudy thoughts

And embrace the beauty of life

May peace be upon everyone

As-salamu alaykum

© quirkyshine

~Malum in se~


Something is wrong

Something has to be done

I have no right

But I have my voice

I speak in behalf of the oppressed

Give what is due to one

Where is justice when needed?

Rich gets richer

Poor gets poorer

It’s inimical to morality

The elites aiming for power

Socialites corrupting innocent minds

Bending the law

Breaking the rules

Where is law and order now?

For the love of money and pride

Tainted with deceit

Stop fooling the lost

Tis’ their dirty game

The act itself

Is malum in se

© quirky 2015


The pleasure of doing what is forbidden
The soul cannot escape from the verdict of the Supreme being
The heart must not desire of any worldly scheme
Lest you be agonized by the grueling ordeals of hell
Deep cravings of the flesh that belongs to somebody
Morally wrong per se yet the body still quench its thirst to sin
“Vir et uxor consentur in lege una persona”
What God has blessed by marriage
Let not one sever
In the name of love
The mind has lost its sanity
When lines were crossed
Both covet the temple of the soul
Surrendering to the lust of Eros
Man may conceal and remove any traces of the act
But there is no escape
When the gates of fire open
What is prohibited may be desired
But Haraam is Haraam
Anything forbidden remains forbidden
© quirky 2015

~Wish You Were Here~

Wish you were here
And melt away this cold I feel
Wish you were here
I’ll show you my world, have no fear
Come quickly darling! Take the wheel
The trip – we dream, can you fulfill?
Wish you were here
© quirky



Empty pages
I wrote an awful poem
Just the same monotonous write
No words to speak
Those fleeting ideas
No songs, no poems, to write today

© quirky

“Some days we don’t seem to have as much to say”