~Psalm 1~


Blessed is the man who walks in the path of righteousness

But woe be unto him who walks in the path of darkness

Abandon what’s foolish and proceed in the way of understanding

Learn to do what is right and give everyone his due


Blessed is the man who abides His commandments

But woe be unto him who delights in breaking the law

Do not stand in the way of sinners

Nor sit in the seat of mockers


Blessed is the man who withstands wickedness

He is like a tree planted near a stream

Whose roots spread out toward the water

Whose leaves do not even wither


Woe be unto him whose hearts have turned away

Like chaff the wind can easily blow them away

Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment

His blessings go with the man who trusts in Him

© 2015 quirky

~The Fallen 44~ (tanka)


I cry for justice

For the 44 brave men

Shedding blood for peace

To end all terrorism

We salute your bravery


Let there be no war

No life be ever wasted

Fighting for justice

To the fallen 44

Who died for their country men


Justice please! extending my deepest and heartfelt sympathy to their bereaved families. 

© 2015 quirky




~The Seekers of Light~


People search for answers

Answers to their questions

Questions of truth

Truth of the matter


People look not only to signs 

But also quest for meaning and purpose

That will satisfy the cravings of their heart

Let their longings be not in vain


God doesn’t force truth on those who pretend to be deaf

God will not let them see if they pose as blind

Let them seek and they shall find it; 

Let them ask and they will receive them


To find truth receive His words and treasure it

To find His knowledge seek the heavenly wisdom 

Let His grace be upon the seekers of light

For God hears the earnest cries of those who request it

© 2015 quirky

~A Prayer~ :-(


Most Gracious, Heavenly Father… You are all-powerful, God, and live forever in light and joy. Look with pity and love, we beg You, on those SAF officers who bravely fought and gallantly died for our country. By laying down their lives, they fought to stop terrorism in Mindanao. To give justice to those who died in the bombing incidents… but Lord at a very young age they died just to keep Philippines a peaceful country.

We ask You, their sacrifice and their belief in the justice of the cause they died for. Let their offering not be in vain. Please forgive any sins and faults they may have committed. Speedily, we implore You, bring them into Your Presence where fear, sadness, mourning, and death cannot exist.

Have pity in Your loving kindness on those they leave behind. In Your own unsearchable ways, make good for their absence, and lavishly bestow Your love and consolations on those deprived of their presence. This we ask in the Name of Christ, our Victor King. Amen.

REST in PEACE to the 40 plus Police Commandos 😦



Thou shan’t wake the demon

Inside her six senses

Six curses waiting

Six monsters rejoicing

Six days of darkness

Fear her number 666

Her blood boiling of obstinate rage

She stretched out her hands towards the ferocious skies,

Calling demons 

To reign o’er men

Feel her beastly wrath 

Down your spine

Infecting plagues 

So difficult to withstand

No one can ever succumb to her sinister plot

If you wake the demon

Better prepare your grave

She is hiding the devil

Behind her pretty face

Sleeping soundly till you arouse her senses

Beware of her evil scheme

Her words are piercing

Her songs are deafening

Her touch is trembling

She haunts innocent souls

leading men to the pathway of sin

Never ever fall into her trap

She is the angel of wrath

The queen of darkness

Thou shan’t wake the demon

Inside her 6 senses

Fear her number 666

© quirky 2015


~Please hear me out~


I am in a world

Where everyone wants to be heard

I live in a place

Where everyone is competing in a race


So many words I wish to express

Yet only few are impressed

I want to write

Something that sparks a light


I hope you take heed

To this poem I loudly read

All I want is to be known

and an heir to this throne


Where words knitted beautifully

And the images blend harmoniously

I am in a world 

Where people write to be remembered


© 2015 quirky

The Best Feeling (a quote)

Knowing-that-youre-wanted.-640x640 (1) Knowing-that-youre-wanted.-640x640

One of the best feelings is knowing that you’re wanted. Knowing that someone wants to talk to you, wants to know how you’re doing, or wants to see you. Whether they pick up the phone to send you a quick text or stop by your house to catch up, someone or something reminded them of you specifically. It just feels really nice to know that you’ve been on someone’s mind and that they care enough to let you know that.


~Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone~


Move out

Take a different route

Let it go

What doesn’t kill you

Makes you stronger

Trust your intuition

Know that a better life awaits you

Are you ready to break free?

Ready to stretch personal boundaries?

Outside your comfort zone can be a good place to be

Learning to live outside that safer place

Is very much rewarding

Do you really have a life?

Are you willing to take the risk?

Move out

Take a different route

Let it go

There is no safer place to go

Just trust your heart

It will take you to the edge

Are you ready to face life?

Ready to take flight?

There are still so many beautiful things in this world

Left  to be discovered

There are still many great stories yet to be told

So many lovely faces yet to be captured

Living at peace with nature is magical

Connecting with people is inspiring

Explore the world

Expand your horizons

Move out

Let it go

Take a different route

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

© 2015 quirky