~My Mantra~


Life chose me

So I have to live it well

I was born to win

So I have to finish the race

I was made in His likeness

So nothing will make me feel less

I am not going to dwell

On resentments and regrets

I am not going to fail Him

I will keep my faith

I’ve been through a lot

None could say this life is perfect

I stumbled  and bleed

Yet He heals me slowly and loves me deeply

Scars remain… to carry memories

But tears will never be the same

Not the same old stream

Anywhere I go

He will be there with arms wide open

It is in moments like these

That God increases our strength

“To those who feel weak… God will give you power and increase your strength”

Hold on to Him

Hold on to life

Life chose me

I will live it the best I can

Live life

Just live and live

My mantra

© quirky 2015

Hi everyone! I’m back! For those who prayed, thank you very much! Good news! God is really good… no sign of cancer relapse and recurrence… my PET scan results were all very clear and nothing to worry so far. God is so good! I am perfectly fit… fit to.continue working… I am so happy and I am home again after check up… thanks to everyone! Be well and catch up with you soon 🙂


~Till I Get There~ quirkyshine signing off

Life has it’s way of surprising me

No guarantees

No boundaries

I need to keep on walking in uncertainty

Not knowing what to do

What to lose and what to keep

I don’t have all the answers to my questions

But I will keep on asking

Till I have the solutions

It is plausible that some people live meaningless lives

And wake up with senseless dreams

Sometimes we get stuck in the corner

Trying to figure out

What have we been missing

Had I known some fallacies in my life

I would have come up the right choices

I don’t know the exact key to success

But I will keep on trying

I am going to persevere

Till I hit the target

Nobody ever said life will be so easy

There will be battles to fight

And flags to raise

Sometimes tears will be more painful

And laughters will sound more pleasant

Though life is a play

Just hold on to life

And dance in the rain

I have no idea where to go now

But I will stay cool and calm

I am going to keep my faith

Till I get there

~I will stop scribbling for awhile… will take a break maybe a week or two… I have a very important check up and I am praying for good results in my CT scan. Dear friends, please pray for me… need your prayers for my check up…please pray that no relapse… thank you so much! Be well and God bless everyone! See you soon… 🙂 quirky signing off…

© quirky 2015

~Magnet and Steel~

With each new day

With each new bud

That blooms in may

With each new moment

With each new kiss

Our love keeps getting stronger

Like magnet and steel

One may not be complete without the other

No power could ever hold

Without you by my side

I am drawn to your might

That force that swept me off my feet

You’ve put a spell on me

We are a good match

Roused by the call of your heart

I am yours and You are mine

Your scent have captivated the depths of my heart

Without you

All efforts are futile

Everything is worthless

Smiles will be good for nothing

When you are not around

Life will be vain and words mean nothing

You and I are like magnet and steel

Stronger than the pull of gravity

Brighter than the ray of light

You and I

We complete each other

© 2015 quirkyshine


Powerful green house gases
Trapping the heat
Atmosphere getting warmer
Harmful UV rays
Global Warming


Rising of temperature
Natural forest on fire
Drier ground leads to drought
What will happen to wildlife?


Snow melting, let it flow
Waters rising
Countries sinking
Noah can’t save us
Climate change


Illegal loggers making money
Mining for treasures and golds
Soil erosion killing lives
Barenaked mother earth


Dying biodiversity
Dark and empty planet
The end of the world
Lord heal our land

© 2015 Quirky Shine

~Star Light, Star Bright~

unnamed (3)

Star light, star bright

I wish…

I could touch your beautiful face as I watch you sleep tonight

I wish…

I could hear the loud beating of your heart as you dream of me

I wish…

I could see my soul through your lovely eyes upon waking up

I wish…

I could take your spirit back to the light where it belongs

I wish…

I could hold your hand

and take you for a walk along the shore to watch sunrise

I wish…

I could help you in any way

To ease the burden you’ve been carrying all day

I wish…

I could paint a beautiful picture in your mind so you will never have nightmares tonight

So this is my wish

To the billion stars twinkling in the sky

I say a little prayer

As I kiss you goodnight

© quirky shine 2015



There it goes…

All the dark gray clouds

Carried by the strongest wind

Clearing the sky with a touch of blue

Traveling to unknown directions

Away from your quiet zone

There it goes…

Your somber days

The wind blew them away

Up it was appealed to the court of grace

Heavens have reached it’s final verdict

To acquit you from all distress

To let you live fully and free

With no more aches to bear and pain to tear

There it goes…

Your crazy world

Love washed them away with it’s purest tears

There will be no silly madness

Nor deranged absurdity

Now it’s time to dream again

Of fantasies and reveries

Time to forget those hazy memories

That staggered your thoughts

Time to move on from a grey filled day

I assure you my love

You will no longer weep

In your deepest sleep

Right beside you, I stay

Holding you tight

Blowing a kiss to each of your pain

Singing lullabies till you fall asleep

Loving the best and worst in you

I am here

Clearing the clouds in your mind

I love you

© quirky shine 2015


~Game of Life~

To win with grace or lose with no strain

I can get through in this game of life

No hints to follow

No cards to play

No need to pull the strings

Not to weep over mistakes

I shall strive to win and gain victory

Play clean and earn reverence for honour 

I hear the crowd cheering loud

I see happy faces strengthening my pace

This game of life

A gold medal beckons for me

I’ve got every power I need

I will win

I will definitely win

In this game of life

© quirky 2015

~Mama, I Love You~


She holds my hand tight

When I am about to lose sight

She cries a river of tears

To take away all my greatest fears

She bleeds deeply

To buy all the things that will make me happy

She makes a lot of sacrifices

To see a smile in her children’s faces

A mother’s love is incomparable, selfless, and pure

Her touch is sweet and gentle

Like the wings of an eagle

Her voice is like music

That one melody only my heart is familiar with

My mother is my true keeper

The one who protects my heart from all dangers

When all else fails

I know she will come to my rescue

She is my hero

The one who will do everything and anything

In the name of love

Mama, I Love You!





unnamed (2)

My heart tells me

To smile

Not to frown

To laugh

Not to cry

To live

Not to die

To forgive

Not to seek revenge

To love

Not to hate

My mind tells me

To think before I speak

To reflect before I choose

To meditate before I act upon it

Life offers you

Good and bad

Better choices or worst choices

Take it or leave it

The good or the bad

You cannot choose both

You cannot love two masters at the same time

The good or the bad

One leads to one direction

Heaven or hell

To die as saved or sinner

The choice is yours

© quirkyshine 2015

~The Wreckage~


Fire, don’t turn my dreams to ashes

Water, don’t drown my heart to shame

Wind, don’t let happiness pass by

I am slowly fading

Dying in vain

Hear my empty cries

I just know no rhymes

Hear my call?

I’m out of control

I’m losing myself

Trapped in a dungeon

With a hungry dragon

Help! I need help!

Rescue me from the curses of hell

I am evil, hateful, impassioned

I am vicious, irascible, homicidal

I am wicked, querelous, enraged 

By spirits I kept enslaved

My life is a disaster

Beastly words tainted my skin

I am raising my wrath

Till one soul get sacrilege

To rage war against my head

A dream, a wish, a hope

One could never reach

My hand slowly bleeds

Starved to retaliate

I died long time ago

But I have to come back

To  break the curse

That once wrecked my soul

© quirky shine

     dark poetry