Come away with me…

Let those sadness be gone 

Let me pick up the pieces

Glue them together 

To complete the puzzle

Allow me to wander in your heart

Fill the void

Be your madness

In this crazy world

Come away with me…

Depart from all blues

Let me put a smile on your face

Allow me to be your easiest escape

Your fastest get away

Let us travel to insanity

Delight in blissful glories

I wanna get lost in our dreams

Together, we chase paper planes 

Make love like there’s  no tomorrow

Come away with me

Drift into this sweetest fantasy
© quirky 

~Wild Flower~

She’s like lilies and stargazers…

Blooming her way out of madness.

Her tears are like rose petals… 

Making every scar looks radiant.

She moves gracefully like dancing ladies…

Not afraid to sway life’s dismay.

And she loves like sunflowers and tulips…

Always looking forward to a happier day.

Hold her like she’s a daffodil in fields of baby’s breathe

She’s a garden of light and hope

“A free and gentle flower growing wild”
© quirky


                She is a poet

         And she bleeds to heal.

         For better or for worse…

                She will write

           Till it hurts no more
                     © quirky 


You give weight to my heart…

Never ever will I defy you.

You are my powerful force…

My special kind of gravity.

In times of confusion…

Love pulled me through.
© quirky ♡♡♡♡

​~The Darkest Truth~

You will always be my greatest phobia…

The kind of fear that will haunt me to death

You will be my preoccupation 

My most bitter apology


You will be my despair…

And your tears my oxygen

The moment you let go of me

You know that

I need you…

You are my air… 

My heart beat…

My sanity…


You will be a plague

My unbearable torture

My shameful disaster

The moment you kiss me goodbye

You are my hope…

My clarity…

My good night sleep…


You will be my historic anguish 

Once you leave me unwanted

You are my peace…

My vision…

My reason to live…

My existence…


You will be my unforgettable trauma

My deepest cut

My incurable wound

Once you walk away

You are the ink in my peculiar pen

You are the life of my poems

The harmony to my songs

The only truth of my future


None could comprehend the magnitude of your tremor

The calamity you might bring into my life

Once you become my darkest memory
© quirky

~The Cure~

That feeling…

When “hellos” get colder

And tears taste better than kisses

That pain…

When “goodbyes” sound sweeter than hundred I love you’s 

And walking away hurts more than a thousand stab wounds

That sorrow…

When you hurt the one you love the most

And “sorry” seems an overstated word

That ache…

When you miss the person you care so much

And not a million poems could bring him back 

That loneliness…

When he is worth fighting for

Yet you died in the process of holding on

That sting

That throb

That soreness 

In your heart

In your mind and

In your soul

When only his love

A cure for all

And can make you whole again
© quirky

​~Then Forever~

Should I hold on a little longer?

Save all tears and

Wait some more time?

Till your pain cease to hurt

Will you be here?

When the sun starts shining 

When you finally realize it’s  me all along

Who can love all the clouds in your thoughts

Who can untangle the loop of sadness in your eyes

Will the rain stop pouring?

When you’re  ready  to  dance with me 

When you’re set for life

-A life with me…

Will you meet my soul then?

After a long retreat

After chasing paradise

After counting  stars

Will you be coming home?

When things fall into place 

Back into my arms

Back into my kisses

Back into my caresses 

Just you and me 

Then forever 

© quirky

​~Help Me Understand~

Help me understand?

A love that is supposed to be wonderful

But it brings me to tears

Two hearts too broken

To give a good fight 

Help me understand?

Why our world is falling apart?

Why every sad song bleeds me to death?

Help me understand?

Why this pain of missing you is my only shield of comfort?

Why nights get colder

And days turn darker?

Help me understand…

Why letting go is so hard to do?

And holding on is my only option that gives me so much peace

No other ways and means

But to follow my heart

Though your silence slowly breaks my sanity

I still choose to love

Help me understand?

A battle between life and death

When I have to lose to save you

And all these scars

Mean victory

That true love does exist 

Help me understand?

Why there is no formula to unlove you…

Why my heart can bear all the bruises and cuts

Just to be near you…

That I can forgive and forget a thousandfold 

Help me understand?

Why loving you, is aching me terribly

Yet I cannot retreat

Help me understand?

Why I love you so much

And you mean everything to me