~The Ship Has Sailed~

I hear no voice

I see no shadow

I smell no perfume

The ship has sailed

While counting stars

I lost the rhythm

Not a remnant of our memories

It hit me hard

Knowing I can’t ever

Taste your smile again

Grey clouds build up

Forgetting your fairest sunshine

You know I hate goodbyes


~Lost Love~


Letter to an ex lover…

I am nothing but a keeper of your vanity

The door to your forgotten history

I am that broken window pane

When you tried to escape from your piercing reality

I am your mirror the reflection of your broken smile

I am nothing but your conscience

Your painful karma for every pack of lies

I am nothing but your nuisance

It is my voice you’ll never hear again

As I disconnected all lines that bridge our thoughts

I am nothing but your sorrowful dream

My tears are no longer the same

For I have unlade all sadness and

Removed all traces of our yesterdays

I am nothing but a wandering soul

I bleed to rinse off decayed compassion

Setting my heart free of you completely

For you left without a note

Not a word to give me hope

I am nothing to you but

A memory of what love ought to be


Year 2012




I am lost in your enormous radiance
You are the crowning glory of the night
The flickering hope that sparks souls on fire
If only I could keep you forever
Then there would be no rising of the sun
You are the magic my heart needs
Light up tiny shimmering flies
Before the dawn


jeremiah morelli fireflies



Cannot dream without
chanting your lullabies
In my mind
Keep singing the melodies
Of good old memories
In my heart
See a vision of the future
Two souls rising before dawn
In my life
Need a love that’s real and true
There be no more tears for you and…


~My Sweet Little Angel~

My sweet little angel

In my dreams you exist

In my thoughts you play

Tiny hands

Soft touches

Little steps

Counting one, two, three

Then you smile

As I tickle your belly

All my kisses everywhere

I will guide you anywhere

To watch you grow right before my eyes

I will mold your character the best I can

To provide you all the good things in life

And invest in your brilliant mind

You are in my dreams

My sweet little angel

I know you will come

In God’s perfect time

Now may not be the moment

Tomorrow might be too soon

In the future I will wait

One day you’ll be the answer

To the call of my heart

My sweet little angel

In my dreams