I said, I will not hurt you!!

But you’re mine!! You’re mine!!

I love you!!

But I want to control you

I promise to protect you

So I’ll lock you inside

Don’t you dare leave me

I love you with all of my heart

I’ll treat you my queen

But treat me like your god

Don’t be scared my love

I will hold you in my arms

Oh!! My lady Breathe!! breathe my love

Are you suffocated?

I love you baby!!

Do you really love me?

It hurts like hell

I dare you not to walk away

I’ll bring them out

The skeletons you hide

I love you so much

Your aroma I just can’t forget

You’re my drug

My addiction

My only obsession

I am doomed to fail



I Write to Express, Not to Impress

I write to express, not to impress

I write to practice my skills, not to copy some skills

I do not brag on my post

and you seldom hear me rant and complain

Remember I write to express, not to impress


I really don’t mind if people read or not

I write to express, not to impress


To write is to express

To express is to liberate oneself


If you are a sucker for words

Respect their meaning

And words will love you back


You may be good in impressing your readers

But life is not always about who writes best

It is all about who writes with a heart

The one who puts life and meaning to words they use


To be famous? No I never needed Fame in my life

I am happy with my name


To be the best? Nah!!! As long as I am doing my best

There is too much pressure actually being the best


I write to express, not to impress

Lucky I ain’t good at this

Lucky I ain’t shitting around

Just because I seldom rant or complain doesn’t mean I am Fake

I just use my H-E-A-R-T instead of my MOUTH


If only we master the ART of RESPECT… Life will be so much beautiful


Respect is what we need now!!

Respect people’s thoughts and feelings

“One love”

Where is that ONE LOVE?


I do not write for myself

I do not write for anyone

I write to express LOVE

I write to give HOPE

I write to share my FAITH


I write to open up my heart – my deepest desires


I write for HIS GLORY

for Heaven to bless me


I write for HIS PURPOSE

I write to EXPRESS, not to IMPRESS

He Will Carry You Through


The world sees what we do

People judge you for what they see

Whether noble or tainted

Fear not to criticisms; God sees why we do it


Wrong turns may shatter the spirit

Remember that He bled for our helpless soul

To aim for pureness is next to impossible

Worry not; God sent His son to pay the price

To live for Him is all about standing for the truth

Be truthful then and enjoy the real freedom

People may mock at your honesty or stone you to defame

Fear not; God knows your heart’s desire

Yield not to temptation, overcome evil with good

Body may be drenched with dark motives

Try to withstand corruption and do what’s right

Seems hard to do – but worry not; He will carry you through


Sky’s the Limit (poetry)


I can never tell how close I am

This love of ours is beautiful

It makes me wanna sing

Love has found its way to your heart

It may be a little tough and rough

But I love the path pointing straight to you

In my mind there are no limits

No line, no bounds even for my desires

I say deep within I am so in love with you

Never have to worry, never have to say sorry

Regardless of difficulties that come along

Nothing can break this love, not even a thousand storms

No one can stop me from loving you

I aim to please you with all my strength

Our love is possible – it will work, I have no doubt

My love! Nothing really matters but your happiness

I couldn’t fathom nor figure out how deep love goes

It is beyond measure, countless, profound

My love for you – Sky’s the limit


Carefree (quote)



“Your happiness depends on your self-reliance – your unshakable willingness to take responsibility for your life from this moment forward, regardless of who had a hand in making it the way it is now. It’s about taking control of your present circumstances, finding your true self by thinking for yourself, and making a firm choice to live YOUR way…


It’s about being the HERO of your life, not the victim.”

when life knocks you down (quote)


“Yes, life is tough, but you are tougher. Don’t be afraid to get back up – to try again, to love again, to live again, and to dream again. Don’t let a hard lesson harden your heart. Life’s best lessons are often learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes. There will be times when it seems like everything that could possibly go wrong is going wrong. And you might feel like you will be stuck in this rut forever, but you won’t. When you feel like quitting, remember that sometimes things have to go very wrong before they can be right. Sometimes you have to go through the worst, to arrive at your best.”