~By My Side~ (collaboration – an answer to Shambhavi post)


Pondering about our love….

Ah! Left me speechless for awhile

Your touches like the glorious sunset 

Wonderment seeping into mine eyes

While watching the ocean devouring the sun

Allowing darkness to conspire with the stars

Nothing comes to mind 

Except this love and your gentle caresses

Sweet kisses and soft lullabies

When you’re by my side 

I am completely whole

A moment like this 

I wish to speak with God

And thank Him for giving me you

Ah! This love made me so happy once more

The weeks of courtship

And the day I said yes

Hoping your memory works like the fullness of the moon

You will always be on my mind

Your whimsical smile etched in my heart

Your tickling whispers kept me awake all night

Now we’re waiting for the sun to rise

Honey, I would be happy 

To spend all my days 

With you by my side
© quirky shine
(In response to…)
When I open my eyes

I would love to have you

By my side.

When I’ll be closing my eyes,

For the last time,

I would love to have you

By my side.

When I’m happy or sad,

I would love to have you 

By my side.

When we argue like crazy,

I would love to have you

By my side.

When it’s sunshine outside but gloomy inside,

I would love to have you

By my side.

When everything seems fine feels fine,

I would love to have you

By my side.

When we are blessed with our bundle of joy,

I would love to have you

By my side.

When raindrops surround me,

I would love to have you 

By my side.

When there’re crispy leaves beneath my feet,

I would love to have you 

By my side.

When I’m all old and senile,

I would love to have you 

By my side.

~ Shambhavi ©
Link to her site: https://ultimatesolace.wordpress.com
*dearest sister Shamb thank you for always inspiring me to write 🙂 love you sis 🙂

~The Boy~

The Boy
And there was a boy…

Who planted stars in the sky

The moment he left

These stars turned to tears

Then the sky begins to weep

To water my heart slowly withering

~Preliminary Injunction~

It is the prayer of her fragile heart…

Seeking warmth and comfort from her only keeper…
Requesting him to refrain from it’s further wreckage…
Demanding some time, attention, and affection.
Soliciting purest love to fill a void only he can appease.
                          © quirky

~If I Only had Five Minutes to Live~

​Regret they say

Always comes last

I will offer prayers

For my life will end so fast

To give all my gratitude

To friends and foes

Express my love and honor

To family and loved ones

I will spend every minute

Wisely and meaningfully

So I can depart peacefully

A last minute poem about my life will do

Draining all verses left unwritten

I will let myself bleed 

Before my heart cries in disbelief

My tears off they go

Together with our memories

I will indeed call you for the last time

Let your soft voice

Hold me till my final gasp

And your love send me off to a place where we will supposedly meet after life

If I only had five minutes to live
              © quirky

~The Touch~

​Oh! my Lover!
Keeper of my heart

All will be yours

Yet first…

Make love with my entirety…

Lust for my soul…

Crave for my life…

Thirst for my inner thoughts…

Hunger for my emotions…

Yearn for my tears…

Quest for my tickle…

Seek for my smile…

Long for my breathe…

Craze for my lunacy…
Savor what you can’t see and what you can’t touch… 

Ravish most of what’s intangible in both sight and feelings…


Yes before…

You can devour every piece of my flesh…
The touch.
                  © quirky

~A Tearful Love~

Once upon a time

I met a fragile heart

So deeply wounded I tried to stitch it’s cut

I weep for nights

Praying I could mend the sorrows in his eyes

I really do love this heart

Hoping there’s a magic pill 

That will let him forget all the pain last night

If only my tears could cure his heartache

I am ready to cry a river of tears

What went wrong to lovers who believe there is forever?

Am I his keeper? 

The one his God sent to him?

Is he the one for me? 

My saviour summoned me to take good care?

Oh God where were you when we were both drowning in tears?

Why do you allow this to happen?

Crossing paths

In the end they have to part ways

Sometimes life is really unfair

Two tearful hearts

Have to make sacrifices

For it is the best

Oh God! Please hear my plee

To keep his heart safe always

To walk beside him today

Carry him when load’s too heavy

Make his heart whole again in time

Cause he is everything to me

May peace we find in our respective journey

And healing we find in shoulders of friends

Oh God! This tearful love

Not a million storms could wash away the pain

The happy ever after

I pray will be in our hands again someday

© quirky

~Till it Gets Wet~

Dull… Dry…This is how my day started

Longing for your sweet caresses

Hoping you’ll tame my recklessness

I search for you

Yet you were quiet

Cowed by your silence

Can’t you see the reason of my existence?

Might be too much to ask

A little time

A little attention

A little affection

Now I’m caught off guard by madness

All these heightened emotions won’t recede

I keep coming back to my comfort zone

Where in hunger I found sympathy

For lust loves it’s company

It’s you I want to lose my sanity

If only you could torment me with your stroke 

Drown me in your pleasure

And forge a fire leading to unrestrained tryst

Provoke me not with your mute obsession

Plant me with kisses that could roused my demons

A foreplay vividly floating in mind

Calling you

Screaming your name

Will you finish the rhythm?

Slow to raging breathing

Low to the highest peak

The push and pull

Creases to bits and pieces

As we reach the climax

Soaking wet

This is how I want to end my day
© quirky dark erotica

~What It’s Like to Cry~

​Tears do fall

Promises do get broken

Life does get tougher

What it’s like to cry?

With a soft pillow under my head

In a king size bed

What it’s like to cry?

With a bottle of Chateau Margaux

In a royal lounge 

What it’s like to cry?

Wearing a red velvety dress

With diamonds around my neck 

And a lancome mascara for full blown make-up

What it’s like to cry?

Calling someone on your iphone

Having all the best this world can offer

Crying with a full pocket

And billion assets 

What it’s like to cry an expensive tear?

Tears do fall

Promises do get broken

Life does get tougher

I cry a lot when things get heavy

I have shoulders to cry on

A hanky in my hand

Ears willing to listen to my stories

Just some Johnson’s baby powder on my face for retouch

I sleep soundly in my lover’s arms

It’s more than a Ferrari

And my tears are worth rubies

What it’s like to cry?

With a bottle of Bud light

Around with friends so cheery bright

What it’s like to cry rich?

What it’s like to cry poor?

Tears do fall

Promises do get broken

Life does get tougher

It’s your choice not mine

Yes I believe that money does buy happiness but not joy

Yet it’s better to cry with money in your hands

‘Cause how can you pay your order: a bucket of Budweiser and fish and chips to treat your friends with no cash in hand?

Oh! Yes! money can’t buy happiness

But ’tis better to cry during payday