On His Shoulders (inspirational)


The God who holds the universe

Is the God who is holding me

How often have I grown weary

The end of my efforts is not even in sight


The God who watches over the fields and mountains

Is the God who is willing to carry me through

I can no longer keep up or accomplish the task

I am too slow and my feet grew weary


The end of the trail is just over the next hill

But will I make it in the end?

I am learning to put my trust in Him for He will walk beside me

Oh! God carry me because I couldn’t keep up the pace


I know he will lay me on His shoulders

As a shepherd carries the lamb that was lost

He will joyfully carry me all day long

For I am little and light


On His shoulders I find rest

I shall dwell in safety knowing He is holding me

Oh God thank you for the comfort and aid

I will never be a burden for I am little and light



The A-B-C’s of Love




A – Ability to accept your flaws and craziness

B – Beauty is a blessing; it adds color but not necessarily the standand

C – Caring a little can be the beginning of everything or nothing

D – Delights in goodness always

E – Embers still smoking from the strong fire of lover’s pure love and passion

F – Forever may not be enough for a heart who loves truly

G – Giving is the essence of true love

H – Hard times keep the fire burning

I – If partners keep Improving

J – Just as you like to be appreciated and admired… so does your partner

K – knowing when to change and when to adjust

L – Laughing together

M – Making Memories

N – Never letting you down

O – One heart and one mind

P – Persevere in any challenge, inspite of hardships and distance

Q – Questions should seldom be asked; loving by faith wipes out any doubt

R – Reaching out, you wrestle with pride

S – Staying together they say “Sweeter as the years go by”

T – Through thick and thin, if love becomes cold, touch of lust is the cure

U – Unconditional love is always the best kind of love

V – Valuing individuality and space makes a strong foundation

W – Willing to work it out when things go wrong

X – X means kisses – first kiss is always magical

Y – Yearning for the profoundest kind of love

Z – Zestful spirit is the supreme manifestation of true love





The Queen of His Heart (The Lady in Red)


The lady in red

She is shining in her silky ballerina dress

The lady in red

Twisting and twirling; he watched her in wonderment

The lady in red

Her beauty gave him enchantment

The lady in red

Her moves captivated his heart

The lady in red

She danced above the clouds; leaping over the dazzling stars

The lady in red

Gliding gracefully; he was mesmerized by her charm

The lady in red

She is the belle of the ball; the queen of his heart



A Happy Ever After




I am thinking of my one great love

I am longing for someone so dear


If only magic carpets are real

And take us to places we wanna see


Special moments we wanna make

Just you and me against the world


I wish you could teleport

And I will show you my world


I am missing you everyday

Embracing silence knowing you are there


Please hear me calling

As I shout your name in the air


Here I am dreaming of you

Wishing for our happy ever after

(Happy 3rd monthsary My Love)

I LOVE YOU my bear!!





Daddy!! You are the best!! Happy Birthday!!!

Dear Daddy,
Lucky I am to have a great father
Not everyone can have a good father
Lucky I am to have many memories with my dad
Not everyone can experience so much fun with their dad
Today is my father’s special day and I want to thank him in so many ways
Daddy, I would like to take this time to say “thank you”
Thank you for the all support and for always being proud of me
Thank you for all the hard work just to give me all the things I need
Thank you for your wisdom and for inspiring me to always do the right thing – cheers dad for raising three beautiful and smart daughters.
Thank you for teaching me good manners and to be kind and compassionate most of the time
Thank you for teaching me “patience” – that life will not always be good to me but “everything comes gradually at its appointed time”
Thank you for teaching me “faith” – to trust in God’s will, to believe in miracles and wonders, and to wait for His perfect time.
Thank you for everything dad!! – for taking good care of me when I was very sick, for holding me tight and for not giving up and letting go of me even though doctors told you to give up already.
Thank you for your miraculous faith dad – I was raised from the dead because of your strong faith and your powerful healing prayers.
Thank you for not leaving me when I had my treatments. Forever,
I will keep those father and daughter bonding moments in my heart.
Thank you for the love my dearest dad, for being so patient and understanding, especially those times when I get moody and sick
You have always been a loving father all the time, a role model to us and an extraordinary man.
You live by example and I always try to learn from you.
Daddy, you made an impact on my life in so many ways
Dad, thank you for your toughness – we have been through, a number of struggles and you have always maintained your faith sturdy and unshakeable during it all.
Thank you for your humor – I do admire how you always find humor in every situation.
Thank you for being selfless and for giving us the best education.
You are the best father I could ever ask for
And you will always be the greatest man in my world.
No words can express how truly grateful I am that you are my father Happy Happy Birthday to you papa!!
Cheers to another year in your life
I pray that God will give you many more more more years to come
We still need you, I need your wisdom, the community, and the church still needs you.
Dad, may you have all the happiness, good health, and all that is beautiful.
To my greatest fan and hero
I love you!! Happy Birthday Daddy!!
From your spoiled brat princess, shine

~~~To Be Yours Is My Only Dream~~~

To the one who loves me most
There is no one who can love me quite like you can
To the one who understands me better
There is no one who can make me laugh quite like you do
To the one who fulfills my needs
There is no one who can drive me crazy as madly inlove as you
You are my everything
The purest of love, you give your all
Your words so tender and sweet
They are like food for my soul
In moments of darkness
You are always there to bring me light
In times of tests and troubles
You are always there to calm the storm
You are my strength and my only hope
The only one who inspires me even when things go wrong
Like an angel
Your wings do protect me
My glittering eyes speak only love and truth
Tears of joy and love might bring cloud to our vision
When I think of you, I only thought of best
To be yours is my only dream
In my heart, you are the only one

My lover, my bestfriend, my only love





Just a Thought

“If you want others to look up to you, be willing to take responsibility for your actions instead of passing the buck when it’s convenient, speak up when you know something that is wrong, and never seek glory for yourself. The world teaches people in authority to look and act in control, to step on the people under their authority, and to bend the rules instead of playing fair. But in the end, the people who have shown kindness, integrity, humility and a deep love for others will be the most respected and honored.”