Behind the Scenes…


Behind the scenes…

It is easier to fake a smile than let the whole world know how vulnerable we are when too much pressure is on.

The race isn’t over yet, but we tremble each time we meet a new challenger. The rival has to come out strongly and rattled our state of complacency.

In this moment of confusion, we see only a very dark shadow and hiding behind the silhouette is our frail soul trying to accede to our own demise. We took our drama off camera and had to reckon with our terrible mischief.

What we believe is that we are too small to fit into this world and too weak to wear the silver crown. We know we have the strength to compete and the means to finish the race, but we deny ourselves of such victory as we are too coward to give it a try.

Instead, we put up a facade every day, covering those truths of our malady. And here comes a greater plague to storm our thoughts, a test to expose our real character.

Maybe we have to face our own tragedy and play different roles far better than what is portrayed in reality. Let us wait for the director’s cue as the reel starts rolling. Lights, camera, action. What they see is not what they get. Behind the scenes we are facing our own oblivion.


~All The Best~


Love and Life are two inseparable gifts… one cannot live without the other.

Love gives Life

Life is a product of love

If you give love, you’ll harvest all the good things which bring Life to every creature.

As I venture through this life…

Thank you for being the steering wheel

You are the destination

I would love to end with

You are and will always be the memory

That I love to remember.

I Love You SeaBlue!

Happy 22nd Months and Counting 🙂

~Unrequited Love~

sad truth2

Sad truth:
What hurts more than loving someone who pretends to be deaf-mute, ignoring all the verses in your heart, songs that were meant to fill their voidness, yet you are not the person who can quench their thirst for affection.
You are not their reflection and you are not their direction.
You are not the one who can satiate their needs, who can find the things that were taken from them, and who can rescue them while they seek solace in times of confusion.
Moments like these like you want to retreat from all pain. Shielding yourself in a lonely cold fortress. Holding your heart to console its frailness. Together with a song that arouses melancholic rhythm, it is just you and your heart all this time. As you cannot force someone to listen what your heart is dying to tell. And that’s the saddest truth of a love that is unrequited.


~My Hope~ (50WS)

“You are my only hope”

The reason why I give happiness a chance to find me. You are the gentle voice I hear every time I close my eyes. You speak straight to my weary heart and you are my light shining brightly in my darkest moment. I love you.


~Dumbfounded~ (50WS)

She said to her: Don’t provoke me with your uncouth mannerism. Your ignorance is an impediment to your progress.  Life is a bitch yet you cried foul in your own folly. Carry yourself with both feet on the ground and head superior than your own emotions.

The woman left “dumbfounded”.

~Love Me At My Worst~

love me

Love me at my worst
In every stormy sea I sail
Embrace my flaws
As doubts strike me in vain
Love me the least you can do
Never expect more
From a heart that have known pain
Love me as you see me through
A little bit of hope
From your sharpest scope
Love me at my worst


~A Train of Thought~


~A Train of Thought~

Lost while interconnecting some ideas
I miss the part
Where the picture is clear
Passively waiting
Till I am ready to express
The words from my heart
Somehow I let images passed by the chamber of my mind
I can’t remember the color of my ink
The portrait painted before they disappeared
I have to wait
Till a flow to drop
Till I’m ready to bleed
Another train of thought
Might gone missing