~Come Away With Me~

Come away with me

To a magical place

Take my hand

Lets have this walk into this beautiful garden

Give up all our fears of tomorrow

Come away with me my love

Let’s see the sunrise

Watch it till the sun sets

Run away with me

Hold my deepest breathe

As I kiss you under the sweet moonlight

Come away with me to my dream land

Inside your heart

In your deepest thoughts

That’s where I wanted to be

Come away with me my love

And defy reality

~~I love you~~


© quirky

for my only seablue….

Happy 11th my love

~The Way You Hold me~ (a song)


Everything feels so right
The way you hold me, the way you hold me
I never felt this so alive
The way you hold me, the way you hold me
I close my eyes and visualize
The paradise I see in your smile
Everything makes sense
The way you hold me, the way you hold me
I see love burning in those eyes
You melt my heart and makes me want to dive into your fire
Everything is perfect
The way you hold me, the way who hold me
Captivated by the scent of your breath
I smell the smokey lips with every kiss
To taste that passion soaked in desire
Everything is beautiful
The way you hold me, the way who hold me
I hear your words of truth and love
You gently hold my hand
I feel your heat with every beat
Everything is meaningful
The way you hold me, the way you hold me
Every touch is sensuous
Every kiss is luscious
Every gaze is startling
Every whisper is exciting
Everything is extraordinary
The way you hold me, the way you hold me
© quirky 2015


~Tiger Eyes~


Fear not her eyes

That only see the light

Fear not her mouth

That only speaks the truth

Fear not her looks

The epitome of love and beauty

Fear not her claws

Whose scratches do not hurt

Fear not her lips

Whose kisses are only for her man

Fear not her strength

That is ready to conquer any battle in life

Fear not her power

Her ability to change herself

Fear not her dreams

There’s little doubt that she can reach them

Fear not her wisdom

Her ability to choose what’s right

Fear not her heart

That only loves peace

Fear not her might

She’s a warrior, a tough fighter

Fear not her eyes


© 2015 quirky

~Put a Spell on Your Pen~


Who is the greatest poet in history?

Who writes best from his heart?

Who can paint a picture through letters?

Who can clearly express his feelings?

Who got the soulful pen?

Who uses blood on his quill?

Who writes from the heart?

Questions so many questions

As to whoever writes best

No one could truly capture his feelings

Unless someone defines it for him

Being best knows no number

The number of likes

The number of comments – they mean nothing at all

It is not about perfect rhyming

When no one reads

Never lose hope

Never think you’re small

No one is greater than the heart who loves to express

Write to express not to impress

Put a spell on your pen

Be magical in your own way

It is not the style

Niether the images nor the words that rhyme

It is a revelation of your beautiful mind

A manifestation of a soulful heart

You are brilliant like anyone

A poet from heaven

Made to tell a story

Write it all in the sky

Write to express, not to impress

© 2015 quirky

1aquill and ink

It’s not how ma…

This is actually my first post here… One year of happy blogging… thank you wordpress!!! 🙂


It’s not how many times we forgive a person that makes us all experience true love. But how many times we understand and show them so much concern. It’s not being naive in times of misunderstandings nor playing deaf-mute just to prove to everyone how good you are. But its how you fight for your principles and for what you believe in. It’s not just about putting up a good fight… it is also about how much effort you exerted to make your love worthy enough to withstand any failures.

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