~Spirit of Poetry~


I have become a terrible writer
I write for reasons
The world has to affirm
I know nothing of a language
That binds us one
Whatever I speak
It won’t matter
No one likes to listen
For everyone is talking about poetry
Yet losing the real meaning and spirit why poets exist and poems were written
Have you ever listened to your own voice?
This is what your heart says
I am who I am
You are who you are
Write at any cost
Express and embrace the risk
No judgement whatsoever can break our soul
This is what I know about poetry
As we share our thoughts
We open up ourselves
To be loved
To be understood
And this will bring peace
Poetry are made to bridge the gap
Through different languages we can create a world
A world that revolves in love
But I have become a terrible writer
I write about peace
Yet no one likes to take heed




I have to recede…
I have to go away
Far and far from you
This sadness is real
A part of me is missing
Did you take it?
Lose it while it’s in your hands?
My love for you
Why is it getting stronger?
Yet all these emotions have drained me
That fire I felt is beginning to wane
I guess I have to go back home
Find that little voice
And learn to love again
I’m keeping distance
I will strengthen my walls
The more I see you
The more it grows
Love I cannot resist to give
Yet your heart cannot handle it
It brings me to tears
Unleashing those clouds in my thoughts
Filling up the voidness
With our memories
Tearing my heart to pieces
And die off itself
We are better off without each other
No more love songs
No more poems to write
No more smiles
And no more dreams to chase
We wither like the leaves
Fall like the sakura petals
Retreat like soldiers losing their weapons
In a few minutes the sun will rise
Darkness won’t be too long
I cannot fight anymore
Please love me no more
My pen is bleeding
All the blues I can think of
I let it go
Into the blank canvass
I painted misery
I let time do it’s task
How can it be
Letting go of you
You weren’t even mine

© quirky

Let us talk about lalalove…


What is this thing called love?

“Love” it is such a vague word. But do we really understand the word “love”? Have you felt it? Have you touched it? I am not a love guru and I have had done a lot of troubles in the name of love. Actually, I am not even sure if that thing is love. Therefore, just guide me in this post.

I cannot tell if love is about kisses, hugs, touches, caresses, or sex? But why do people talk about it? What is this love? That everyone likes to feel, to experience, and to express. Love has its own realm. It has certain powers that keep us alive. We needed love and we give love. We loved because they loved us back and it just goes around in circles. That’s it? Is that love? I don’t think so.

What I really understand about this word or should I say “feeling” is that:

Love is peculiar. It is strange in a way, you get jitters everytime you see the person.

Love is indescribable you just felt it cause you guys had a thing “chemistry”. Maybe this love has a chemical symbol after all. Scientists may not have found it yet. Some click in an instant! Some fall short! Whatever you call it on facebook status!

Love is kindda mysterious that you feel excited to talk about the future. Cause you cannot wait to spend the rest of your life with him. And when all else fails..  you just wish time machines were invented and bring you back sometime before you met him.

Love is unfathomable you wanted to grasp everything about him. You want to study every cell of his body cause you are too obsessed to let him go. And when they left… you just yell “ohhhh!.Lord! Kill me! Take me! Where’s my F***** morphine.” There you go… NUTS!

But there is one thing… one sure thing I know of love.

Love will take you everywhere…

Even to the land where most stupid people live, where all the dramas you only see on television become so real, and where idiots like to hang out.

After all, we are all fools in the name of love.

Because whether you like it or not… you have been a fool sometime in your life in the name of love.

Am I right? Prove me wrong… will you?


© quirky

~A Catalyst~


A Catalyst –

I want to participate in this fellowship. Poets from all walks of life sharing a portion of their lives to this world. I want to be a witness to everyone’s growth. I want to learn from your story. See the world through you. May you help me in my journey as I go with the flow of your words. Let us weave each other’s rhymes. Connect our hearts through our verses. Touch every soul with our lines and stanzas. Count every beat and syllable. This is the poetry world. We aren’t competing with each other. We were made to inspire each and every soul – broken, lost, and in pain. Our poems are written according to our needs. They speak through a language that fills the voidness deep inside our core. If this is what poetry can do to a poet. Let our words be the light of this world. A cure to every confusion.

Wherefore premises considered, We are poets from all walks of life. Our paths differ but our voices are similar. I wanna share a piece of my being and learn from your endearing. In this world of broken dreams, a CATALYST – I must become.




I walked away with much agony
My tears won’t stop falling
‘Cause with me is just a shadow of your love
I see you afar
In distance your radiance glows for someone else
I am no longer the jewel you kept
A treasure no more to this hunter who first found my heart
Whilst grieving for your loss
A part of my being was buried along with our memories
And so I wrote this poem
Searching for truth
I walked away
Carrying much regret

© Quirky

~Bordeaux~ (Sidlak Poetry)



C’est la vie
Be it good or bad
Everything has a reason
Let us enjoy the fullness of life

© Quirky


*Sidlak poetry (sid/lak) is a structured poetry consisting of 5 lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables AND A COLOR. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem or the feelings of the writer. Life comes in different shades and hues. The colorful the merrier. Show us your true colors. Write your first sidlak now. Love,  Quirky

~Linger~ (Sidlak Poetry)


Forever they stay
Lingering sweetly in mind
You’ll be with me in eternity
Sky blue

*Sidlak poetry (sid/lak) is a structured poetry consisting of 5 lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables AND A COLOR. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem or the feelings of the writer. Life comes in different shades and hues. The colorful the merrier. Show us your true colors. Write your first sidlak now. Love,  Quirky


eyes blue eyes_wallpaperswa.com_20

Love in shades of BLUE

It is the hottest of fire

The calmest of light

The color of the sky

Life painted in blue

A bud that blooms

A passion in different hues

Unique and special

Blue the color of love

Smooth and dazzling

My favorite shade

“Blue “

The color of love that I see in your eyes.



~Only Hope~


Life comes in many shapes
Now I am facing another battle
Will I survive another storm?
Why has God put me through such hard times?
I have won this battle
Do I have to face it again?
To prove my strength
Whatever the results
I am always ready for another hill
No hill is insurmountable
I’ll take it one step at a time
I have hope
I have my faith
Not a shadow can rise
Not a cloud in the skies
Not a doubt,
Not a sigh, nor a tear
Can abide while I trust and obey
Today I may be facing another challenge
Be still dear heart of mine!! The Lord is on thy side
In Him I rest, in Him I found my hope