~The Traveller~

One day…

You will forget me

My smile… my giggles will all be part of your history.


Aching, stinging, gruelling

In a flash, you’ll miss my lips

Why they thirst to kiss you in the first place


You moan, you weep, you wail

I will be your worst apology

The hardest chord to play on your guitar


I will never be the same

Not the love in your mind

Not the vow written in your heart

Not the memory in your timeline


One day…

You will forget the truth

How I always remember the details of your soul

All your faded shades

Tainted fictions of your past


One day…

I will be a dream

The space in between

The obscure image before your eyes


One day

I will be gone

Your most hurtful goodbye


I am but a traveller in your world

Pointing into your direction

Invading the privacy of your letters

Sneaking into your verses


Time has come to sail away

Go the distance

I know you will forget me easily

You never said and I was never meant to “STAY”
(c) Quirkyshine 

~Please Come Back Home Safely~


My Dearest Hero,

I am so proud to call you mine but you…you don’t belong to me. I wish I could be there for you, be your smile while you trail some battlefields, be your tears while you cease their fears, be your aid when you feel afraid, and be your hero while you save their lives. I’ll fight alongside perils as much as you do but you’ll be with your troops and I’ll be on my own. I’ll be awake all night building sweet memories of you, dreaming many dreams till the breeze wake me up to reality – a reality that could possibly break my heart.

I cannot hold you long but you always have my heart. I cannot keep you close forever but my prayers are always with you. I may or may not see you again but in my thoughts, you’re always around.

I promise to look after you – not what I can touch or see but what I can feel. Whenever you miss me just look up to the sky, I’ll be somewhere in those spaces reminiscing our love. You’re always free my love, you’re not mine for keeps, but let me love you in difficult times, love you in inevitable calamities. As you give your life, your heart, and your soul for everyone’s safety and for peace, I’ll be here praying for your return. This is a terrifying risk to take for I may not kiss you awake. (But please come home safe)

Yours truly,

One who loves you forever

*dedicated to wives and loved ones of our soldiers in Marawi City fighting against some terrorist group.

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​~Defying Gravity~

No more clouds of doubts…

I should start trusting my instincts

You are someone worth keeping

Someone worth loving

But I am too coward to give a try

I love you, yes I really do

Yet no sign you feel the same way too

I should defy gravity

Stop my heart from falling for you 

Defy what nature’s calling for I am not expecting anything in return…

I’m just happy… just happy

Love lives in me
(c) Quirkyshine 
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Truth be told…

Even though my heart denies everything…

The emotions

The sudden beating 

The unexplained excitement

That I cannot contest what it feels at the moment.

That somewhere in my dreams I found relief from this unforeseen catastrophe.

That before love becomes an unavoidable casualty it needs thorough attention.

A phenomenon in my life I need to embrace…

Surrendering to the fact… that I’m falling for you.
(c) Quirkyshine ❤❤❤

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In times of hardship

When it’s difficult to understand 

When it’s tearing your heart 


In times of confusion 

When waking up is such a burden

And sleeping is a struggle too


In times of silence

When so many letters left unwritten 

And words aren’t enough to fill the void


When you have to wait

For love to be finally yours

When you have to embrace 

All the troubles that come your way

When it’s wrecking your sanity.


Since time immemorial 

Is always patient and kind

It never loses hope

Love in times of defeat

Love in times of darkness

For better or for worse 

Love with the intention to persevere

Love is patient 
(c) quirky
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~Heart Check: Please Take Good Care of Your Heart~

The realities of love are often perplexing, seemingly hard to understand. The bible tells us to guard our hearts, for everything we do flows from it. Does it guarantee immunity from pain? Does love favor the bravest? Some people cling to the belief that shielding one’s heart will save them from getting hurt but I do not subscribe to such line of reasoning. Reality always scares us – no, it’s the tangible side of reality. Though love sometimes leads to serious distress, some people still choose to experience love because that’s the only way to unlock its mystery.
I am truly grateful for the day I allowed myself to get hurt, the day I supported my impetuous heart. The moment we commit to someone gives birth to pain because not all relationships have happy endings.
Love doesn’t mature in tranquil times; love doesn’t flourish in untilled hearts; for love to grow – we must learn how to swim against powerful tides, surpass the test of time, get even with all odds, lose some winning games, and break into tormenting zones.
Guarding your heart doesn’t mean “not” allowing ourselves getting bruises and burns. It’s  definitely impossible not to get hurt in any romantic relationships. We cannot stop some forces of nature. Sometimes we injure ourselves while walking, preparing meals, or opening windows but we have to walk to reach our destination, eat to satiate our hunger or open the window to breathe some fresh air. Same goes for love, you’ll never know the magic it brings if you’re too afraid to take risks.
To guard our hearts means to be mindful of what we plant inside. According to the bible, “we harvest what we plant.” If fear, we’ll miss the thrill of life. If pride, we’ll lose some good opportunities. If greed, we’ll gain nothing but turmoil. If jealousy, we’ll see no beauty in everyone. If hatred, we’ll never find love.
Therefore, allow love to reside in your heart. Concede to its undesirable perplexities. Indulge in its biting reality. Embrace all uncertainties. Letting our hearts get broken for countless times because there are lessons learned from every fall, a pot of gold, after all.
Written by: Quirkyshine

~She Loves Us the Most~ (Mother’s Day Special)


“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.”


It’s often unsaid, the words our mothers would love to hear from us. Just because a mother’s love is unconditional doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear our simple words of appreciation for their sacrifices. Though no amount of gratitude can ever suffice for their hard work, still we must not forget to give them some sweet and heartily acknowledgement.

Today, we celebrate Mother’s day and it’s time to give back for the countless wisdom our mothers taught us. A mother/mama/mommy/nanay/inay/umma is a wonderful creation of God. Mothers are just so amazing they can understand our silence, carry our heavy loads, and shift our tears to smiles. She will always be the light of our lives.

My relationship with my mother is really a good one. Although we’ve had our fair share of terrible days but our bond remains strong. I may never understand the language she used in talking to God but her prayers are always powerful. My mama is a great catalyst, her stories of success and downfall become our source of inspiration; without her, life would have been more difficult. She will always be my best teacher, it may not be like a classroom setting but her wisdom outshines any theory I learn from school. That’s my beautiful mother!

I am eternally grateful for my mother – her strength, convictions, patience, dedication, and faith. I never would have made it through life without her greatest love. She will always be the best medicine – the best remedy when I am not feeling good.

To my mama,

Ma, no picture can ever paint your beautiful soul. For EVERYTHING, for the faith, and for the love, thank you very much! Ma, you mean so much to me so please take good care of your health. I need you ma, your healing touch, your unwavering faith to our Lord, and your powerful prayers. Please forgive me for my tantrums, I know sometimes I act impulsively without considering your feelings and I am so sorry for that ma. I am really blessed that you are my mother and I thank God for having you as my tour guide in life. I will always honor you for gazillion reasons as you truly deserve all the best praises and appreciation. Thank you! Thank you! Ma, I love you very much, I may not be as expressive as other daughters (children) but never ever doubt my love and respect for you. I wish you all the best, finest, and beautiful things in life. May God give you a perfect health everyday. We love you ma! And you’re the greatest mom in the whole world.  Happy Mother’s Day Ma!

With love,


“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.”

To all mothers in the world… may your life be filled with love and blessings and sweet memories to cherish with your family. May God bless you with good health and peace. Happy Mother’s Day!




You bring much joy! Simple, sweet, and sincere joy. Yes you are a spark to behold. A feeling I wanted to last – a lifetime, till death… who knows?  Are you mine for keeps? ‘Cause you bring much joy! 
This is just my way of telling you,  how happy I am right now… that I wanna love like this for life… love like I have never loved before and kiss for the first time in forever. 
Please listen closely to the sound of magic… your kind of magic… the spell that unites the planets and stars. Listen to the music… there are symphonies and rhythms, rhymes and notes, words and verses. This joy! This delight! This bliss! 
All because of you. 
(c) Quirkyshine 

​~Is it Really Love?~

Dear Doubting Heart,
Something’s holding me back… could it be the distance? Could it be our fate? I don’t know… But I need to remind you once more that you’re too fragile to fall in love again… you’re too broken for another heartbreak. 
Is it really love? Or attachment?

Does it have to be complicated? Asking for signs, finding all the right reasons even though obviously wrong. You are too stubborn to heed the warnings. 
Dear heart, it’s way too soon to give in to your cravings. Why not pause for a minute… search from within… wait until it pleases… till the universe conspires… till it’s time. Just stay where you are. 
Is it really love?

Your Master

(c) Quirkyshine 
“Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” Song of Solomon 8:4