Be reborn

God’s grace is sufficient 

He is the wind 

Beneath our wings

All we need is Him

Rehabilitate under His care

His words be our guide

When path seems darkest

Tell all our troubles

An answer we’ll find

When we pray

It matters not

What future holds

When restless

Take a deep breath

May His love and hope

Dwell in our thoughts

Everlasting peace

Be found

In Jesus most Holy Name
Happy New Year everyone! 


What about love?

It’s being held…

Closely to your heart,

Deeply in your soul,

Steadily in your mind,

Beyond uttered words,

It’s the act itself …

When all else fails, I’d be held


And he asked me…

What is love?

I replied…

It’s clinging to the rawness of your smile

The glow on your lips

The sparkle in your eyes

The youthfulness of your spirit

I succumb to your heart

Arrest me now


On moving on…

How can I move on?

A fairy tale turned cold

Colder like the December weather
When breathing has become a necessity 
And smiles cost more than gold
I lost my last piece of senses
Don’t know how to reinstate my sanity…
Back to being carefree
Back to being happy
What went wrong? 
The clashing of pride 
The turning tables
The shifting of extreme moods
Ego that brought this parting
Sometimes I wonder
If time could possibly do a rewind
Reverse destiny
Deny the darkest truth of history 
Maybe no dreadful surprises
No fatal heartaches
No perilous dreaming
When we were crippled a thousand ways
And stabbed a million lies
Do you still have the guts to question life with all the “why’s and what if’s?”
The should have’s that fractured your soul
No one could understand more of the answer 
Than the one who lived in solitude
When doubts float in vain
And clouds build up to rain
How can I move on?
If this pain demands to be felt

~Quirky shine


​And he was the man…

Sparking in my visions

The lost soul in my saddest journey

He was the young boy… 

Described in fairytales

The prince searching for his princess

Yet I was neither the woman

Nor the pretty lady

He wanted to keep for life



Maybe it will fade…

It will come to pass


Like a blink of an eye

Without losing my precious time

Like bubbles

It will vanish

When there is too much weight to hold

It will die away

Together with the hours wasted

Yet pain is pain

We can never

Underrate it’s force

We can never

Disown it’s existence 

It will haunt us

Leaving us scars

That barely heal

And this grief

Has become a curse

A horror I couldn’t sever

I am always attached to this torment

A tie so strong

It bruised my soul

Maybe it will fade

Yet pain is pain

It is part of my life
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~I Love a Man~

​I love a man…
Who’s not mine to keep

Whose eyes refuse to see the truth

Whose kiss I dream to taste

I love a man…

Who doesn’t love me
I love a man…

Who’s heart I long to have

Whose mind I wish to wander around

Whose hands I yearn to hold

I love a man…

Who loves someone else