~Tis the Season~ (a Christmas message before I take a big break)


Season’s Greetings!
Hello Loved ones and Friends
Christmas is the perfect time
To celebrate life
To be united in love
The spirit of giving
The thought of sharing
The faith that shines in our hearts
Tis the season
To rejoice for His coming
To love and not to hate
To believe and give
To receive and be blessed
Tis the perfect time
To step back from all our rumination
Pride that stall reconciliation
Tis the moment to forgive and forget
The best present one can give is peace from the pureness of our souls
May you be blessed for the coming days
And years bring tears of joy
Wishing everyone a happy Christmas
Sending peace, cheer, hope, and love
From our family to yours
Merriest Christmas to all!!

~quirkyshine and seablueone~

Hello friends… I do hope everyone is well and feeling good. I apologize for not being active in the site lately. I might take a big break from all blogging activities, there is a need to focus on my work and studies. Currently, I am enrolled to Professional Education and soon get licensure exam. Next school year, probably I can start with my masters degree in Counseling (since this is really my calling). Please pray for me… will just visit the site during our Christmas break. God bless you all and Merry Christmas!! Love you! ❤