Without You




Without you my love, what will happen to my world?

 Without you my love, will I ever be the same again?

 Without you my love, will there be a future to wait?

Without you my love, how can I smile again?

Without you my love, will I ever love again?





Love knows right

It despises evil

It delights in goodness

It rejoices in truth


Love knows happiness

It washes away the pain

It wipes away the tears

It savors joy and memories


Love knows sacrifice

It gives up pride

It renounces vainness

It surrenders comfort


Love knows care

It heals a wounded heart

It mends a shattered spirit

It awakes a dying soul


Love knows forgiveness

It does not seek revenge

It is slow to anger

It pursuits stillness


Love knows boundlessness

It embraces differences

It has no age limit

It is never – ending



Love knows best

It safeguards passion

It preserves beauty

Love bears all things








Paint your life with humility

Humble yourself before the Sovereign High

And He will lift you up


Paint your life with shining colors

Let your soul glow and your beauty be revealed till the whole world adores simplicity


Be willing to be maligned

Be lowly when people attack you


To give up pride and self-centeredness

Is to give up comfort


To give with no conditions and to serve with no doubt

Is the best portrait you can show to the world


Let your colors shine


The word of the day – HUMILITY





The Wisdom of Water




“The Wisdom of Water”


It creates life


It also destroys


It doesn’t struggle


It just flows


It doesn’t strive


It only goes around struggles


When confronted with an obstacle


It doesn’t panic


It just flows around.


Like the running water


We must learn to let go


Life may push us to the limits,


In the midst of trouble


Learn to relax and enjoy


Quit struggling and let it flow.





The wind may cause the waves


Wind moves them up and down


They get angry and powerful sometimes


They wipe out houses and even shatter lives


Like a troubled water we can destroy lives


When confronted with negativity


How would we handle this?


The choice is ours


To be flowing and still


Or be violent and destroy


-shine s-