~DayLOVE Saving~


When you are about to start anew

When beautiful days begin to flourish

I am one step ahead of you to welcome your new beginnings.

When life will wear you down and

Dreams slowly wither and touch the ground

I am one step backward to catch you if you fall.


~Ghost of Your Past~ (senryu)

Old memories dwell

Like an old broken record

The ghost of your past


Happy Halloween to all… this is my theme for Halloween, no fictional ghost stories, no vampires, no ogres, no white ladies, and no chucky. We can find a lot of horrifying stories in our communities and in reality. Our past could scare us. People have more power to hurt than Casper the ghost. My theme for Halloween is more on crimes and reality. 🙂 May you all have a peaceful Halloween! Take care! 🙂 ~Q~

~The Seductress in Disguised~

Like a creepy zombie

Hiding in a facade of smiles

Beware of her disgusting kisses

And her deafening chants to swoon your heart

She’s hunting for a prey to quench her lustful drive

She’s mimicking mellow voices to win their trust

Drinking fresh blood in her silver glass

She creates a scene and writes obscene

Are you aware that

Her heart’s not free?

Yet she joins the feast

To celebrate the horror of adultery

That gave birth to another misery

Another spirit shattered

One lost soul uncovered

So beware of this seductress in disguised

She will come to you

Any minute… anytime

© quirky.darkpoetry.

~A Love~


A walk to bridge the spaces between us
A smile to unfold the mystery of your heart
A touch to feel the warmth of your caresses
A kiss to create magic in the sparkle of your eyes
A beauty that shines through the depth of your soul
A love that measures the length of forever
To you my darling angel
Sent from above
I wanna thank you
For letting me
Taste the sweetness of eternity
You will always be the missing piece in my puzzle
The precise meaning of Perfection
The one that makes this journey

~your quirky~


~The White Swan~

Remembering her glorious ballerina days
Tear jerking memories
Dancing gracefully in her innermost thoughts
Once upon a time she built a throne
Inside the hearts of few
Touched by her majestic silhouette view
She lifted her soul
While she whispered a prayer
Like a lovely butterfly
Summoned by the breeze
To take a leap into the sky
And fall right into place
A portrait of sublimity
Of her ballerina way
To point a toe and count every star
Off to the stage
She let her spirit free from care
Together with the rhythm
She turned and twirled
Till our heart’s content
Like a doll in her pretty dress
Holding her head high as she takes curtsy and bow
Many years ago
She was that ballerina
The white swan
Floating in her muse’s dreams

~The Moment You Realize~

I realized
That it is
Impossible for you
To realize the
Things I want
You to realize
If you just realize
That there is no need
To realize
Because I just realized
What you have just realized
That moment
You realized
I have not realized at all
Sounds crazy?
Because you realize
Something out of this stupid realizations