~How do you see your life?~

The way we see our lives shapes our lives

How we define life determines our destiny

My life on Earth is a Test

God continually tests my character, faith, obedience, love, integrity, and loyalty.

All of my life is a test

Will I be tempted or will I obey His will?

My life on Earth is a Trust

Am I gonna break this Trust?

He entrusted me with talents

Should I sing for His glory or for fame?

Should I paint kindness in one’s memory or paint darkness in one’s heart?

Should I speak with wisdom or force someone to do bad things?

God entrusted me with wisdom

Will I use it to help a broken person?

My life on Earth is Temporary

Someday I’m gonna leave this Earth and be with my Maker

Life is a mist… a fast runner… a wisp of smoke

Our days on Earth are as transient as a shadow

Reflect…Meditate… think of your life…

How do you see your life?

Β© quirkyshine

10 thoughts on “~How do you see your life?~

  1. Seeing life as beautiful and exciting. Everywhere I look, there is something amazing.
    Being only a small part of the universe is still special. It takes all elements of life to keep things going according to plan in my opinion. So nothing is to big. Nothing is too small. It takes everything!

    Lovely post dear Quirky πŸ™‚ ❀

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