The pleasure of doing what is forbidden
The soul cannot escape from the verdict of the Supreme being
The heart must not desire of any worldly scheme
Lest you be agonized by the grueling ordeals of hell
Deep cravings of the flesh that belongs to somebody
Morally wrong per se yet the body still quench its thirst to sin
β€œVir et uxor consentur in lege una persona”
What God has blessed by marriage
Let not one sever
In the name of love
The mind has lost its sanity
When lines were crossed
Both covet the temple of the soul
Surrendering to the lust of Eros
Man may conceal and remove any traces of the act
But there is no escape
When the gates of fire open
What is prohibited may be desired
But Haraam is Haraam
Anything forbidden remains forbidden
Β© quirky 2015

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