~Let Me Be the ONE~


No man is an island

Everyone needs someone

Someone to share your dreams with

To have and to hold

To praise and to embrace

Someone who can give clarity to what seems misty in thy sight

When you have no one in life

Let me be that someone

Someone you need

Someone you may cherish for keeps

Let me be the one to show you love

Let me be your sight

When you live in darkness

Let me be your smile

When you find it hard to give

Let me be that sparkle

When tears start to fall

Let me be the melody

When your heart seems out of tune

Let me be the gravity

That will pull you back to reality

Let me be your rhythm

Withholding your grace

Just look into my eyes

When you search for your soul

I will be your reflection

I will let you see the beauty inside you

Let me be your faith

When you begin to doubt

Let me be your hope

When you are at the end of the road

Let me be your wings

I will make your life worth living   

Alone you shan’t sink

In times of blues and without a clue

I will be right beside you

Life is at its best if shared by two

I will uphold all the beautiful things unfold

Together we stand

Together we fall

Side by side we will ride out every storm

We will stick together in the good times and the bad

Whenever you feel sad and colors fade to grey

When there is doubt in your heart

Whenever you feel there is no reason to hold on

When things aren’t right

And no one cares because all have left

I will be there

You are not alone

Let me be the one

When you have no one

To have and to hold

Let me be the one

I Love You!!


© quirkyshine 2015