~Let the World See Your Beautiful Soul~


Yes “LIFE”

You are not a mere biological accident

You happen for a reason

Just look inside your heart

Find that light

You happen for a greater purpose

Not to destroy lives, not to spread darkness or evil

But to infect wisdom and peace

Some people are products of true love while some are products of lust

Even an uprooted tree can be replanted

There is always hope

Every life is sacred

Take it is a gift

“Be what you are. This is the first step towards a beautiful life”

By knowing thyself

Means knowing your worth… knowing your true value

Cherish the simplicity of things

Let go of any grudges

Let go of pride and invidiousness

Your life is beautiful

You are not a mistake

Know thyself is a huge process

What thou hast made man happy?

What gives man peace?

But come to think of it…

Do you believe in your capacity to change yourself?

Do not ever underestimate your power to improve your life

A beautiful life means “Living at peace with everyone”

You are part of this beautiful world

Hopeless people love chaos

Hatred is what makes them pathetic

Thou shan’t covet evil and madness in your thoughts

Instead release goodness

Open your heart

Let the world see your beautiful soul

© quirky 2015

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