~Magnet and Steel~

With each new day

With each new bud

That blooms in may

With each new moment

With each new kiss

Our love keeps getting stronger

Like magnet and steel

One may not be complete without the other

No power could ever hold

Without you by my side

I am drawn to your might

That force that swept me off my feet

You’ve put a spell on me

We are a good match

Roused by the call of your heart

I am yours and You are mine

Your scent have captivated the depths of my heart

Without you

All efforts are futile

Everything is worthless

Smiles will be good for nothing

When you are not around

Life will be vain and words mean nothing

You and I are like magnet and steel

Stronger than the pull of gravity

Brighter than the ray of light

You and I

We complete each other

© 2015 quirkyshine

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