In times of hardship

When it’s difficult to understand 

When it’s tearing your heart 


In times of confusion 

When waking up is such a burden

And sleeping is a struggle too


In times of silence

When so many letters left unwritten 

And words aren’t enough to fill the void


When you have to wait

For love to be finally yours

When you have to embrace 

All the troubles that come your way

When it’s wrecking your sanity.


Since time immemorial 

Is always patient and kind

It never loses hope

Love in times of defeat

Love in times of darkness

For better or for worse 

Love with the intention to persevere

Love is patient 
(c) quirky
*Image from google

21 thoughts on “~PatieNcE~

  1. I forget how the saying goes. Patience is a virtue (and I forget the rest.) But yes patience is a lost art in the society we live in as all this technology has created relationships on line where one can invent anything they want or a profile that is inaccurate and one of fantasy and therefore creates stress on top of all that. Friendship and love are different today. If one can exercise patience and let love blossom and take it one step at a time then one would benefit from something beautiful that would happen when in love.

    • You said it beautifully… so true with the rise of technology and this famous social media revolution… these so called “millenial language” are reasons why people become heartless these days. I deactivated my facebook for I want quiet time now. Too much drama in social media. The important values are learned thru our daily interaction with people. ❤❤

  2. “Perseverance gives you strength to keep going during the difficult phases and ignore the temptation to give up.”

    I mentioned the ‘word’ “Patience” more than usual during the last few weeks. Many real and tangible reasons why. Reminds me of the several original poems I once wrote long ago, dealing with energy and virtues of Patience. I will remind you, myself, and many others, Patience has a lot to do with Faith. Yet not any ordinary Faith. Its a mix of Courage and Bravery.

    I write (comment) you now like I once did long ago. Our times shared in this instant are similar to the times experienced in the instances from a time before we had the luxury of computerized digital typing.

    Keep on keeping on… Persevere with all your heart and soul. Be persistent with all your mind and body. Be patient with all of your soul and energy. Prosperity will victoriously prevail.

    As I sign off for a while, good luck and good times ahead. “The Waters of Life are the most important of all the elements compared to all the nutrients.”

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