~She Loves Us the Most~ (Mother’s Day Special)


“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.”


It’s often unsaid, the words our mothers would love to hear from us. Just because a mother’s love is unconditional doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear our simple words of appreciation for their sacrifices. Though no amount of gratitude can ever suffice for their hard work, still we must not forget to give them some sweet and heartily acknowledgement.

Today, we celebrate Mother’s day and it’s time to give back for the countless wisdom our mothers taught us. A mother/mama/mommy/nanay/inay/umma is a wonderful creation of God. Mothers are just so amazing they can understand our silence, carry our heavy loads, and shift our tears to smiles. She will always be the light of our lives.

My relationship with my mother is really a good one. Although we’ve had our fair share of terrible days but our bond remains strong. I may never understand the language she used in talking to God but her prayers are always powerful. My mama is a great catalyst, her stories of success and downfall become our source of inspiration; without her, life would have been more difficult. She will always be my best teacher, it may not be like a classroom setting but her wisdom outshines any theory I learn from school. That’s my beautiful mother!

I am eternally grateful for my mother – her strength, convictions, patience, dedication, and faith. I never would have made it through life without her greatest love. She will always be the best medicine – the best remedy when I am not feeling good.

To my mama,

Ma, no picture can ever paint your beautiful soul. For EVERYTHING, for the faith, and for the love, thank you very much! Ma, you mean so much to me so please take good care of your health. I need you ma, your healing touch, your unwavering faith to our Lord, and your powerful prayers. Please forgive me for my tantrums, I know sometimes I act impulsively without considering your feelings and I am so sorry for that ma. I am really blessed that you are my mother and I thank God for having you as my tour guide in life. I will always honor you for gazillion reasons as you truly deserve all the best praises and appreciation. Thank you! Thank you! Ma, I love you very much, I may not be as expressive as other daughters (children) but never ever doubt my love and respect for you. I wish you all the best, finest, and beautiful things in life. May God give you a perfect health everyday. We love you ma! And you’re the greatest mom in the whole world.  Happy Mother’s Day Ma!

With love,


“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.”

To all mothers in the world… may your life be filled with love and blessings and sweet memories to cherish with your family. May God bless you with good health and peace. Happy Mother’s Day!



13 thoughts on “~She Loves Us the Most~ (Mother’s Day Special)

  1. Appreciating you writing this. Means a lot. More than words can describe.As I’ve been writing a lot of words, messages, poems, and much more recently; my own mom has come to mind and heart often. Mother Earth the planet has also been truly important with my recent work building a garden. Your message really covers all the greatness, fondness, and special-generous-goodness that Mothers truly are. “…Life comes with a Mother…” Not a Manual… So funny! Yet true. I’m sure your mom was so glad to have you. Your mom is lucky to be apart of your life. As such a talented and beautiful daughter that you are. I shall always be appreciative and grateful towards Mothers (including my own) for those who treat their children really well.

    • I am really happy I get to inspire at least one soul out of this post 😊😊 thank you for taking time to read… and people like you will always be the reason why I keep writing… thank you very much for all the warm comments. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom… and yes mother Earth… 😊😊 sorry just been so busy lately… but will catch up when am not so busy 😊😊😊

  2. Wonderfully said, beautifully written! What you write always reflects your true selfless heart and spirit! It always makes it easy to embrace your words and love you my sister! I am sure your mother loves you as much as you love her! She and you are gifts from God!

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