~The Traveller~

One day…

You will forget me

My smile… my giggles will all be part of your history.


Aching, stinging, gruelling

In a flash, you’ll miss my lips

Why they thirst to kiss you in the first place


You moan, you weep, you wail

I will be your worst apology

The hardest chord to play on your guitar


I will never be the same

Not the love in your mind

Not the vow written in your heart

Not the memory in your timeline


One day…

You will forget the truth

How I always remember the details of your soul

All your faded shades

Tainted fictions of your past


One day…

I will be a dream

The space in between

The obscure image before your eyes


One day

I will be gone

Your most hurtful goodbye


I am but a traveller in your world

Pointing into your direction

Invading the privacy of your letters

Sneaking into your verses


Time has come to sail away

Go the distance

I know you will forget me easily

You never said and I was never meant to “STAY”
(c) Quirkyshine 

21 thoughts on “~The Traveller~

  1. Dati, isa to sa fear ko.. Yung dumating ang araw na makalimutan ako nung taong importante sakin.. Yung hindi na kami katulad nung dati.. Yung hindi na siya ang kasama kong tumawa, at umiyak. But, as cliche as it is, change is really inevitable. Ganda nung poem, Shine. Keep it up. 🙂

    • Ganun talaga ji… at natuto na akong tanggapin na ganito ang pagibig. Minsan ayaw ko ng maramdaman dahil paulit ulit lang masasaktan. Pero paano ko malaman na siya na ang para sa akin kung hindi ko bubuksan ang pinto para sa kanya. 😊😊 maraming salamat jai 😁😁😁

  2. Hey quirkyshine, long not read your writing! You put me into tears, I can feel every words. This is so beautiful and so touching. The reason why I was never meant to stay

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