~Murder~ (re-post)

Wandering through the beautiful park,

This lovely sweet young lady met a strange young looking man.

This man who has angelic eyes is filled with evil desires,

Drawn by his sweet words, this young lady fell into his trap.

With force, violence, and intimidation,

He took her away from her beautiful world.

When everything turned gloomy, this young man did all his demonic rituals.

Then depth of darkness begins to enslave her soul.

Tears start to fall in her weary eyes.

Helpless!! She cried for mercy…

“Please don’t kill me,” she begged.

But no one could hear her loudest screams.

She was choked up with so much terror,

Suffocated in her own scent of death.

Alas! Darkness is consummated!

Knowing that this will be her twisted fate,

She spoke her last words, “Good bye Cruel World!”

Then her lifeless body couldn’t be saved anymore.



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