~Fairy Tale~ (two-way poetry)


She lived happily ever after

The dawn is breaking then

Life begins to unfold

Finding the right love

At the most perfect time

To take a glimpse of the past

She insisted not

Some hope whispered in her dreams

History has passed where

Love failed her

Words she can’t write

Her heart gone missing

Broken weeping in silence

There she went

Once upon a time


Hi everyone! I miss most of you and I miss reading your poems and stories too… hope everything is well with you. Will catch up soon… promise… take care lovely people! Love love love ❀

8 thoughts on “~Fairy Tale~ (two-way poetry)

  1. Hi there, hope you are doing well. I miss your follows, just wanted you to know that I have started a new blog at chevvy8.com . Hope to see you soon and take care. Best Chevvy.

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