The Wisdom of Water




“The Wisdom of Water”


It creates life


It also destroys


It doesn’t struggle


It just flows


It doesn’t strive


It only goes around struggles


When confronted with an obstacle


It doesn’t panic


It just flows around.


Like the running water


We must learn to let go


Life may push us to the limits,


In the midst of trouble


Learn to relax and enjoy


Quit struggling and let it flow.





The wind may cause the waves


Wind moves them up and down


They get angry and powerful sometimes


They wipe out houses and even shatter lives


Like a troubled water we can destroy lives


When confronted with negativity


How would we handle this?


The choice is ours


To be flowing and still


Or be violent and destroy


-shine s-




10 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Water

  1. This is also one of my favorite posts from you.

        Truly you see how this life needs to happen. Somehow , someway you have it within your grasp.

        quirkyshine that shines so bright, letting the aroma of your love drift it’s way to me.

         Thank you for a beautiful, but very meaningful post.

        All my love,


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