Love knows right

It despises evil

It delights in goodness

It rejoices in truth


Love knows happiness

It washes away the pain

It wipes away the tears

It savors joy and memories


Love knows sacrifice

It gives up pride

It renounces vainness

It surrenders comfort


Love knows care

It heals a wounded heart

It mends a shattered spirit

It awakes a dying soul


Love knows forgiveness

It does not seek revenge

It is slow to anger

It pursuits stillness


Love knows boundlessness

It embraces differences

It has no age limit

It is never – ending



Love knows best

It safeguards passion

It preserves beauty

Love bears all things





5 thoughts on “LOVE BEARS ALL THINGS

  1. Ohhhhhhhh…  My, how really beautiful!

    To me, all your work is beautiful, as I will openly tell you.

    Knowing your feelings on this makes me feel so good! Telling you that you are loved over and over could not fathom the tiny jolt in my heart knowing this is true. You are a lovely woman Shine, it shows so much in your writings.


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