On moving on…

​How can I move on?

A fairy tale turned cold

Colder like the December weather
When breathing has become a necessity 
And smiles cost more than gold
I lost my last piece of senses
Don’t know how to reinstate my sanity…
Back to being carefree
Back to being happy
What went wrong? 
The clashing of pride 
The turning tables
The shifting of extreme moods
Ego that brought this parting
Sometimes I wonder
If time could possibly do a rewind
Reverse destiny
Deny the darkest truth of history 
Maybe no dreadful surprises
No fatal heartaches
No perilous dreaming
When we were crippled a thousand ways
And stabbed a million lies
Do you still have the guts to question life with all the “why’s and what if’s?”
The should have’s that fractured your soul
No one could understand more of the answer 
Than the one who lived in solitude
When doubts float in vain
And clouds build up to rain
How can I move on?
If this pain demands to be felt

~Quirky shine

12 thoughts on “On moving on…

  1. Life …
    I always wonder
    Why do we think so much it?
    When we come in this world alone
    Do our most loved ones
    Give company to us
    When we leave this world
    Sometimes I feel
    Our life is entangled
    In a false network of love
    Friends and relatives
    Even family relations
    Do not survive
    With us lifelong
    Even when we know this
    Why do we feel pain
    When the ones whom we love most
    Leave us all of a sudden
    Or knowingly

    • A great wisdom to ponder sis… yes we feel pain and it is something so hard to explain. Something difficult to comprehend. We keep fighting for the wrong people and sometimes we fail to value the people who were there for us. This events changed me for the better and I am working out to find myself. Pain demands to be felt…

      • Nice to know that you learnt from the bitter incidents in your life …yes that’s why we shouldn’t feel the pain when relations end because none of the relations are everlasting …as long as the relation exists let’s try to better…I know it’s difficult to describe the pain when a relationship breaks unknowingly or even knowingly

      • Pain should be temporary, if you let it sit there the harder is going to be to get out of that pain.
        “We keep fighting for the wrong people and sometimes we fail to value the people who were there for us.” IsnΒ΄t that true, so learned lesson and lets move on.
        By the way, great poem.

      • Thank you so much… yup we learned our lessons the hardest way. But there are things in life we cannot change. But we can always change how we react to these changes 😊😊😊

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