Maybe it will fade…

It will come to pass


Like a blink of an eye

Without losing my precious time

Like bubbles

It will vanish

When there is too much weight to hold

It will die away

Together with the hours wasted

Yet pain is pain

We can never

Underrate it’s force

We can never

Disown it’s existence 

It will haunt us

Leaving us scars

That barely heal

And this grief

Has become a curse

A horror I couldn’t sever

I am always attached to this torment

A tie so strong

It bruised my soul

Maybe it will fade

Yet pain is pain

It is part of my life
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14 thoughts on “~Raw~

    • Me too am also catching up… it may take me weeks to greet everyone… 😊😊 these are old poems… quite sad as yes it has a story behind… 😊 but new year comes it will be a happy theme hopefully 😊😊

  1. Pain is gift

    Given by HIM

    When HE gives pleasure too

    Like pleasure and happiness

    It’s a part of our life too

    Share your pain with the ones

    Whom you love And trust most

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