~A Tearful Love~

Once upon a time

I met a fragile heart

So deeply wounded I tried to stitch it’s cut

I weep for nights

Praying I could mend the sorrows in his eyes

I really do love this heart

Hoping there’s a magic pill 

That will let him forget all the pain last night

If only my tears could cure his heartache

I am ready to cry a river of tears

What went wrong to lovers who believe there is forever?

Am I his keeper? 

The one his God sent to him?

Is he the one for me? 

My saviour summoned me to take good care?

Oh God where were you when we were both drowning in tears?

Why do you allow this to happen?

Crossing paths

In the end they have to part ways

Sometimes life is really unfair

Two tearful hearts

Have to make sacrifices

For it is the best

Oh God! Please hear my plee

To keep his heart safe always

To walk beside him today

Carry him when load’s too heavy

Make his heart whole again in time

Cause he is everything to me

May peace we find in our respective journey

And healing we find in shoulders of friends

Oh God! This tearful love

Not a million storms could wash away the pain

The happy ever after

I pray will be in our hands again someday

© quirky