Thou shan’t wake the demon

Inside her six senses

Six curses waiting

Six monsters rejoicing

Six days of darkness

Fear her number 666

Her blood boiling of obstinate rage

She stretched out her hands towards the ferocious skies,

Calling demons 

To reign o’er men

Feel her beastly wrath 

Down your spine

Infecting plagues 

So difficult to withstand

No one can ever succumb to her sinister plot

If you wake the demon

Better prepare your grave

She is hiding the devil

Behind her pretty face

Sleeping soundly till you arouse her senses

Beware of her evil scheme

Her words are piercing

Her songs are deafening

Her touch is trembling

She haunts innocent souls

leading men to the pathway of sin

Never ever fall into her trap

She is the angel of wrath

The queen of darkness

Thou shan’t wake the demon

Inside her 6 senses

Fear her number 666

© quirky 2015