Yes! and I would really say yes if you’d ask me out…
If pinching my nose would make you feel better…
If hugs and kisses would tame your mood
I would really say yes…
Yes to making sure that we will be together in the good times and the bad…
Yes to having breakfast in bed as you take a sip of coffee and then I just smile at you like I’ve just won the lottery…
I would really say yes… yes to taking care of you… as I love all of you…
Yes to loyalty and being faithful
Yes to enduring trying times and staying by your side even in the unforgiving times…
Yes to every good thing that comes to you
Because you deserve all the best in life.
And though our melodies are not in tune…
If you’d ask me to let you go…
I would still say “Yes”
Even if it’s the hardest to do 💔

(c) Quirkyshine

~Dead End~

Here we are chasing hearts again
Chasing love that can never be ours
Hours, days, even years of running in circles
No point of destination
A blind hope per se
Behind, I stand
In front, she is
And then there you are
Not looking back
Just facing her
Here we are chasing hearts again
Waiting for love that goes in vain

(c) quirkyshine

~The Story of Us~

I am not a good story writer 

But I assure you…

Our story will be different, beautiful, and unforgettable 

For better or for worse

During sunny days and rainy weeks

You and me 

To infinity and beyond

I will love you

You will love me

For richer or for poorer 

In sickness and in health

We will start a new chapter

Write memories of forever

Through thick and thin

Just the two of Us

In a happy ever after love story
~quirky shine

~I Love a Man~

​I love a man…
Who’s not mine to keep

Whose eyes refuse to see the truth

Whose kiss I dream to taste

I love a man…

Who doesn’t love me
I love a man…

Who’s heart I long to have

Whose mind I wish to wander around

Whose hands I yearn to hold

I love a man…

Who loves someone else


~The Writer’s Hands~


~The Writer’s Hands~

I have learned to trust his hands…

The words he painted in my heart

The notes he sweetly played

A remnant of his passion that shall neither wane nor go in vain

I have learned to love his voice

The myriad of languages he spoke to bring back my sanity

The hymns of love he sang

A glance at the fire

Exuding from my lovers eyes

I have learned to dance with his soul

All the tears he shed to pacify my livid thoughts

The lullabies he hummed deep to the core of my mind

He is a gem the rarest of it’s kind

I have learned to embrace his strokes

The simplicity of his rhymes

The letters flowing in the veins of his hands

My writer’s hands

© quirkyshine