~Counting Steps~


On the count of three…
One… two… but
Wait… wait…
I can’t… I just can’t go on without leaving a short note…
A note with a gentle tone and simple strokes of humor
From this sturdy pen
For the sake of moving on
Proving that we can be wrong
We’re both pathetic
Caring for the careless
Clearing their confound mess
Surrendering to being reckless
We’re both horrendous fools
Believing lies after lies
Denying the truest truth…
A plain fact that we can’t have the ones we love
But we keep chasing them
Hastening the race
Ending up losing
Your battle with her
Mine with you
On the count of three…
Am more convinced to set you free
Whilst nurturing this fruitless tree
Hoping someday your mind will change
And feel your heart in closer range
But reality speaks volumes
Fair and convincing that…
I am the lover you took for granted
You are the pursuer she left for gold
We’re both crippled afraid to heal
Always taking a u-turn
Scared our paths will cross again
I may not be able to mend completely
Are you ready?
Am I ready?
On the count of three…
One… two…
I must run…
Runaway from here
Runaway from you
Runaway from love
One… two… three… go!

(c) Quirkyshine

~It’s You~

Please, don’t  be just a memory…

Silent wishes of the heart

Hoping this love will last

Forever, for keeps, for life

Eternity is not enough

Yes, it’s you… I want

To have

To hold

In craziness and

In sanity

It’s you… I need

My unfeigned reflection

My heart keeper

My emotional balance

It’s love… I’d die for

And you know how much I love you

It’s happiness…I yearn for

Every second, every minute, every hour…

With you 

It’s your smile… I don’t want to miss in the future

I’d give up riches and fortune

To try my luck and bet on you

It’s you… It’s  you…

I ever dreamed of 

In all tomorrows

In every sunrise and sunset

In all good night kisses and morning tickles

It’s  you… it’s you…

A reality I fantasize all day

The truth I’d hope to hear

The doubt I’d like to believe

Please, don’t be just  a memory…

It’s you… it’s you

My happily ever after
(c) quirkyshine

~The Traveller~

One day…

You will forget me

My smile… my giggles will all be part of your history.


Aching, stinging, gruelling

In a flash, you’ll miss my lips

Why they thirst to kiss you in the first place


You moan, you weep, you wail

I will be your worst apology

The hardest chord to play on your guitar


I will never be the same

Not the love in your mind

Not the vow written in your heart

Not the memory in your timeline


One day…

You will forget the truth

How I always remember the details of your soul

All your faded shades

Tainted fictions of your past


One day…

I will be a dream

The space in between

The obscure image before your eyes


One day

I will be gone

Your most hurtful goodbye


I am but a traveller in your world

Pointing into your direction

Invading the privacy of your letters

Sneaking into your verses


Time has come to sail away

Go the distance

I know you will forget me easily

You never said and I was never meant to “STAY”
(c) Quirkyshine 

~Please Come Back Home Safely~


My Dearest Hero,

I am so proud to call you mine but you…you don’t belong to me. I wish I could be there for you, be your smile while you trail some battlefields, be your tears while you cease their fears, be your aid when you feel afraid, and be your hero while you save their lives. I’ll fight alongside perils as much as you do but you’ll be with your troops and I’ll be on my own. I’ll be awake all night building sweet memories of you, dreaming many dreams till the breeze wake me up to reality – a reality that could possibly break my heart.

I cannot hold you long but you always have my heart. I cannot keep you close forever but my prayers are always with you. I may or may not see you again but in my thoughts, you’re always around.

I promise to look after you – not what I can touch or see but what I can feel. Whenever you miss me just look up to the sky, I’ll be somewhere in those spaces reminiscing our love. You’re always free my love, you’re not mine for keeps, but let me love you in difficult times, love you in inevitable calamities. As you give your life, your heart, and your soul for everyone’s safety and for peace, I’ll be here praying for your return. This is a terrifying risk to take for I may not kiss you awake. (But please come home safe)

Yours truly,

One who loves you forever

*dedicated to wives and loved ones of our soldiers in Marawi City fighting against some terrorist group.

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​~Defying Gravity~

No more clouds of doubts…

I should start trusting my instincts

You are someone worth keeping

Someone worth loving

But I am too coward to give a try

I love you, yes I really do

Yet no sign you feel the same way too

I should defy gravity

Stop my heart from falling for you 

Defy what nature’s calling for I am not expecting anything in return…

I’m just happy… just happy

Love lives in me
(c) Quirkyshine 
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Truth be told…

Even though my heart denies everything…

The emotions

The sudden beating 

The unexplained excitement

That I cannot contest what it feels at the moment.

That somewhere in my dreams I found relief from this unforeseen catastrophe.

That before love becomes an unavoidable casualty it needs thorough attention.

A phenomenon in my life I need to embrace…

Surrendering to the fact… that I’m falling for you.
(c) Quirkyshine ❤❤❤

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You bring much joy! Simple, sweet, and sincere joy. Yes you are a spark to behold. A feeling I wanted to last – a lifetime, till death… who knows?  Are you mine for keeps? ‘Cause you bring much joy! 
This is just my way of telling you,  how happy I am right now… that I wanna love like this for life… love like I have never loved before and kiss for the first time in forever. 
Please listen closely to the sound of magic… your kind of magic… the spell that unites the planets and stars. Listen to the music… there are symphonies and rhythms, rhymes and notes, words and verses. This joy! This delight! This bliss! 
All because of you. 
(c) Quirkyshine 

​~Is it Really Love?~

Dear Doubting Heart,
Something’s holding me back… could it be the distance? Could it be our fate? I don’t know… But I need to remind you once more that you’re too fragile to fall in love again… you’re too broken for another heartbreak. 
Is it really love? Or attachment?

Does it have to be complicated? Asking for signs, finding all the right reasons even though obviously wrong. You are too stubborn to heed the warnings. 
Dear heart, it’s way too soon to give in to your cravings. Why not pause for a minute… search from within… wait until it pleases… till the universe conspires… till it’s time. Just stay where you are. 
Is it really love?

Your Master

(c) Quirkyshine 
“Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” Song of Solomon 8:4



The clock is ticking

I am in between the ebb and flow

Of holding on and letting go


Chasing the glorious morning

I am somewhere in the middle of joy and sorrow

Better things fall together

As the sky changes its color

From crimson red to pale mint blue 


Devoid of muse to write a tale

Short of words 

Let mine heart be guided

Hush the clamor of the soul 

Silence speaks of love and passion


Do you hear what I hear?

A beat catching up with old melodies

I don’t have enough time to rewind past symphonies 

Only got a minute dash to collect sweet reveries

Before memories of you fade
(c) Quirkyshine

​~I’m Always the One Who Loves More~

I remember those times I called myself a fool…

Fool to believe in “happy-ever-after-endings”.

I was so eager to fall, to take the leap, 

To unleash the chain of fear that once bound my reasoning,

Craving to experience all the wonders and joys of being in love…

The warmth that goes with his kisses and caresses. 

Yes I was a fool to believe in its inconceivable spell,

Like he was the spark in my eyes, the magic I pined for to feel.

I got lost… so lost in my dreams while searching for a pot of gold,

But luck seems distant – a hard catch like his heart.


I was a fool to believe that I belong to him,

That he had my thoughts in the palm of his hand,

I stumbled upon his wits yet I know he’s someone I can never be with,

And this love is a tricky game…

Someone has to lose… yes, I was ready for it.

He was the comfort I tried to chase but nothing can hold him back.

I remember those times I called myself a fool…

For finding a star in the sky that would fit his smile,

For learning a language that would complete this poem,

For wandering in a place hoping he would save me.


This is the darkest side of love, pushing us to make poor choices, 

One that leaves a permanent scar.

And in this tricky game, someone’s heart bleeds to death…

Surely not him,

As I’m always the one who loves more.
(c) Quirkyshine   ❤❤❤