~Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone~


Move out

Take a different route

Let it go

What doesn’t kill you

Makes you stronger

Trust your intuition

Know that a better life awaits you

Are you ready to break free?

Ready to stretch personal boundaries?

Outside your comfort zone can be a good place to be

Learning to live outside that safer place

Is very much rewarding

Do you really have a life?

Are you willing to take the risk?

Move out

Take a different route

Let it go

There is no safer place to go

Just trust your heart

It will take you to the edge

Are you ready to face life?

Ready to take flight?

There are still so many beautiful things in this world

Left  to be discovered

There are still many great stories yet to be told

So many lovely faces yet to be captured

Living at peace with nature is magical

Connecting with people is inspiring

Explore the world

Expand your horizons

Move out

Let it go

Take a different route

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

© 2015 quirky

The Wisdom of Water




“The Wisdom of Water”


It creates life


It also destroys


It doesn’t struggle


It just flows


It doesn’t strive


It only goes around struggles


When confronted with an obstacle


It doesn’t panic


It just flows around.


Like the running water


We must learn to let go


Life may push us to the limits,


In the midst of trouble


Learn to relax and enjoy


Quit struggling and let it flow.





The wind may cause the waves


Wind moves them up and down


They get angry and powerful sometimes


They wipe out houses and even shatter lives


Like a troubled water we can destroy lives


When confronted with negativity


How would we handle this?


The choice is ours


To be flowing and still


Or be violent and destroy


-shine s-