~Heart Check: Please Take Good Care of Your Heart~

The realities of love are often perplexing, seemingly hard to understand. The bible tells us to guard our hearts, for everything we do flows from it. Does it guarantee immunity from pain? Does love favor the bravest? Some people cling to the belief that shielding one’s heart will save them from getting hurt but I do not subscribe to such line of reasoning. Reality always scares us – no, it’s the tangible side of reality. Though love sometimes leads to serious distress, some people still choose to experience love because that’s the only way to unlock its mystery.
I am truly grateful for the day I allowed myself to get hurt, the day I supported my impetuous heart. The moment we commit to someone gives birth to pain because not all relationships have happy endings.
Love doesn’t mature in tranquil times; love doesn’t flourish in untilled hearts; for love to grow – we must learn how to swim against powerful tides, surpass the test of time, get even with all odds, lose some winning games, and break into tormenting zones.
Guarding your heart doesn’t mean “not” allowing ourselves getting bruises and burns. It’s  definitely impossible not to get hurt in any romantic relationships. We cannot stop some forces of nature. Sometimes we injure ourselves while walking, preparing meals, or opening windows but we have to walk to reach our destination, eat to satiate our hunger or open the window to breathe some fresh air. Same goes for love, you’ll never know the magic it brings if you’re too afraid to take risks.
To guard our hearts means to be mindful of what we plant inside. According to the bible, “we harvest what we plant.” If fear, we’ll miss the thrill of life. If pride, we’ll lose some good opportunities. If greed, we’ll gain nothing but turmoil. If jealousy, we’ll see no beauty in everyone. If hatred, we’ll never find love.
Therefore, allow love to reside in your heart. Concede to its undesirable perplexities. Indulge in its biting reality. Embrace all uncertainties. Letting our hearts get broken for countless times because there are lessons learned from every fall, a pot of gold, after all.
Written by: Quirkyshine

~Star Light, Star Bright~

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Star light, star bright

I wish…

I could touch your beautiful face as I watch you sleep tonight

I wish…

I could hear the loud beating of your heart as you dream of me

I wish…

I could see my soul through your lovely eyes upon waking up

I wish…

I could take your spirit back to the light where it belongs

I wish…

I could hold your hand

and take you for a walk along the shore to watch sunrise

I wish…

I could help you in any way

To ease the burden you’ve been carrying all day

I wish…

I could paint a beautiful picture in your mind so you will never have nightmares tonight

So this is my wish

To the billion stars twinkling in the sky

I say a little prayer

As I kiss you goodnight

© quirky shine 2015

On His Shoulders (inspirational)


The God who holds the universe

Is the God who is holding me

How often have I grown weary

The end of my efforts is not even in sight


The God who watches over the fields and mountains

Is the God who is willing to carry me through

I can no longer keep up or accomplish the task

I am too slow and my feet grew weary


The end of the trail is just over the next hill

But will I make it in the end?

I am learning to put my trust in Him for He will walk beside me

Oh! God carry me because I couldn’t keep up the pace


I know he will lay me on His shoulders

As a shepherd carries the lamb that was lost

He will joyfully carry me all day long

For I am little and light


On His shoulders I find rest

I shall dwell in safety knowing He is holding me

Oh God thank you for the comfort and aid

I will never be a burden for I am little and light