~In Dying Hope~

In dying hope…

Where does love go

When it comes to end?


How will we move on from the pain

When rain won’t stop pouring in vain?


A fool I am

To believe in forever

Unmindful of deaths’ existence


When a dear person

Leaves for no reason


Like a thief in the night

Robbing all we got

The happiness seen in our smiles

The joy evident in our eyes

The love inside our heart


Hope in our hands

Slipped away 


Stubborn we become

We start chasing and

Bargaining for anything


Let pass chances of survival

For we die together with our misfortunes

Then there’s nothing left

But our pride


We have to pick up the pieces 

And start from scratch 

Move on from what almost killed us


Pain is a cycle

Death is certain

Life is a mystery

To live or drown

To let go or die with love


Forgiveness favors the strongest heart

In dying we can be whole again