To My Kryptonite

I keep telling myself that everything will be alright and that one day I’ll be over you. I tried my very best to make the relationship work but I failed. I realized I was all alone fighting for the relationship. I really wanted to be with you in your journey, whether crossing fires or driving smooth highways. I wanted to be there in all your victories and sorrows. I wanted to hold your hand and tell you that you will always have me through thick and thin. That I’d be your light when it’s  cold and dark. I wanted to be your home – your safe haven after all your childhood traumas and past relationship dramas, I wanted to offer you pure love and loyalty, because yes, I love you that much.

But not a day goes by where I don’t think about how we failed and how you broke my heart. Such pain that runs so deep, maybe it’s beyond repair.  Writing this brings me to tears but also gives me freedom to finally let go of you. I have so many questions for you… but please I just need you to answer this one question… Did you ever care about me and what I would feel after you discarded me? Needless to say, you were fine with discarding me after all.

Right now, by understanding the whole situation helps me come out rationally and logically. That some things never last, some feelings inevitably change, and I should accept the truth and embrace the fact that we will never ever be together anymore. That letting you go… for you to find your place, to find your true haven, to find your genuine happiness, and to find your great love is the best decision I made for us.

It is then through fervent prayers that I can reach out to you. I may no longer be able to hold your hand again, but I always tell God to keep you under His wings. I pray that you will find the happiness and love you deserve. The success you’ve always worked on. I pray for all the desires of your heart. To love you close maybe impossible now but my love for you will always be present in my prayers.

Yours Truly


~The Traveller~

One day…

You will forget me

My smile… my giggles will all be part of your history.


Aching, stinging, gruelling

In a flash, you’ll miss my lips

Why they thirst to kiss you in the first place


You moan, you weep, you wail

I will be your worst apology

The hardest chord to play on your guitar


I will never be the same

Not the love in your mind

Not the vow written in your heart

Not the memory in your timeline


One day…

You will forget the truth

How I always remember the details of your soul

All your faded shades

Tainted fictions of your past


One day…

I will be a dream

The space in between

The obscure image before your eyes


One day

I will be gone

Your most hurtful goodbye


I am but a traveller in your world

Pointing into your direction

Invading the privacy of your letters

Sneaking into your verses


Time has come to sail away

Go the distance

I know you will forget me easily

You never said and I was never meant to “STAY”
(c) Quirkyshine 

~A Tearful Love~

Once upon a time

I met a fragile heart

So deeply wounded I tried to stitch it’s cut

I weep for nights

Praying I could mend the sorrows in his eyes

I really do love this heart

Hoping there’s a magic pill 

That will let him forget all the pain last night

If only my tears could cure his heartache

I am ready to cry a river of tears

What went wrong to lovers who believe there is forever?

Am I his keeper? 

The one his God sent to him?

Is he the one for me? 

My saviour summoned me to take good care?

Oh God where were you when we were both drowning in tears?

Why do you allow this to happen?

Crossing paths

In the end they have to part ways

Sometimes life is really unfair

Two tearful hearts

Have to make sacrifices

For it is the best

Oh God! Please hear my plee

To keep his heart safe always

To walk beside him today

Carry him when load’s too heavy

Make his heart whole again in time

Cause he is everything to me

May peace we find in our respective journey

And healing we find in shoulders of friends

Oh God! This tearful love

Not a million storms could wash away the pain

The happy ever after

I pray will be in our hands again someday

© quirky



Archive –

Sometimes I think about a memory. So beautiful I keep coming back. A memory I wanted to last but heart’s too broken some feelings turned into dust. There are those wonderful times that made us fall in love with the sound of chimes. How sweetly life seemed to be that moment your heart has finally set on mine. We were young and wild fascinated by magic and fairy tales, a happy ever after painted in the palm of our hands. And I remember the paper boats and paper planes they took us to places beyond the reach of our imagination. We were so drawn to each other like we were standing on different magnetic fields.

Yet we were too good to be true… too naive to understand the beating of our hearts… I wasn’t ready to take the leap at all.
Then we parted ways… your ship has sailed… I missed all the chances to say the least… at least a quick farewell.

And so these memories are my ways to see you again… that even in my thoughts I can be with you and I can tell you what my heart longs to say. Once upon a summer time you are the story found in the archive of my memory.