To My Kryptonite

I keep telling myself that everything will be alright and that one day I’ll be over you. I tried my very best to make the relationship work but I failed. I realized I was all alone fighting for the relationship. I really wanted to be with you in your journey, whether crossing fires or driving smooth highways. I wanted to be there in all your victories and sorrows. I wanted to hold your hand and tell you that you will always have me through thick and thin. That I’d be your light when it’s  cold and dark. I wanted to be your home – your safe haven after all your childhood traumas and past relationship dramas, I wanted to offer you pure love and loyalty, because yes, I love you that much.

But not a day goes by where I don’t think about how we failed and how you broke my heart. Such pain that runs so deep, maybe it’s beyond repair.  Writing this brings me to tears but also gives me freedom to finally let go of you. I have so many questions for you… but please I just need you to answer this one question… Did you ever care about me and what I would feel after you discarded me? Needless to say, you were fine with discarding me after all.

Right now, by understanding the whole situation helps me come out rationally and logically. That some things never last, some feelings inevitably change, and I should accept the truth and embrace the fact that we will never ever be together anymore. That letting you go… for you to find your place, to find your true haven, to find your genuine happiness, and to find your great love is the best decision I made for us.

It is then through fervent prayers that I can reach out to you. I may no longer be able to hold your hand again, but I always tell God to keep you under His wings. I pray that you will find the happiness and love you deserve. The success you’ve always worked on. I pray for all the desires of your heart. To love you close maybe impossible now but my love for you will always be present in my prayers.

Yours Truly


~How Does it Feel to be Friendzoned?~

There I go…

The zone I am quite familiar with,

The pinch of anguish,

The tone of fervent prayers,

Those restless days and sleepless nights.

Tables turned am back to square one.

There I go again…

Off to this tormenting avenue,

I know much of the place,

The bumpy roads,

The driveways and alleys,

The lanes and streets,

And the end of it.

I dwell not on its pain…

But the bitter taste and 

Sickening scent of falling

Slowly driving me insane.

Those butterflies in my stomach

Even science cannot explain.

How does it feel to be friendzoned?

Oh! It’s like drowning in your own dream

That knock of death of an uninvited guest

The thrill it gets when secrets laid bare

Whose mess is this?

When it’s a love I can’t have.
© quirkyshine

~Amazing You Are~


Yes you are
Not an accident
Not some magic from a master showman’s hands
Yes, you were born
For a greater plan
You are God’s profoundest master piece
An art in His collections
One beautiful thing this world needs
With your inner strength
Let the truth
Be told
That a perfect life, there cannot be
A perfect world, we cannot find
Flaws that stop us from flowing
Mistakes that override perfection
Yet a golden heart
Surpasses everything
Yes you are
Spread your wings
Fly with love
Soar with a humble heart
That seeks His grace
That loves the sky
Worry not
For all the aches and pains
Sticks and stones
They mean nothing
You are amazing
Simply just amazing
For shambhavi

© quirky



How do we get out from a painful memory, when traces of sorrow, betrayal, and heartache leave a permanent mark on our hearts?
How do we run away from our past mistakes, when guilt evokes thousands of emotions we really don’t have to dwell?
How do we achieve peace of mind when old wounds barely heal?
How do we move on from history, when the only way to set us free is to keep playing the same old track over and over again?
And though we know an escape from all these setbacks, we still choose to be victims and slaves of our fateful plight. We miss to enjoy the future as we are too afraid to take the flight.
We are who we are because of our scars.
Scars aren’t meant to scare us. They are meant to complete the whole story. They are traces of our yesterdays. Scars are memories, good or bad they serve as lessons. They teach us what and what not to live for in the coming days. And that’s the truth about our scars.


Thank You Song




“Thank you”

Music and Lyrics by: shinesweet/quirkyshine



Do you still remember the first time we met?

It seemed we came together in instant friendship

As time goes by, those feelings have grown

We’ve shared our deepest secret thoughts and dreams

For as long as I live 

You will always be a part of me




Thank you for being my friend

All the moments filled with joy

Good old days are here again 

Thank you for loving me friend

No matter what the future brings

I will always be your friend



I’ll always have warm thoughts of you

Even miles separte us, I’ll search deep in my heart

And all the times we cried, the silly times, the laughs we shared these are my most precious blessings

For as long as i live

You will always be a part of me





I appreciate you more each day

I want you to know 

You make my world  a better place to live




-shine s-

(thank you for reading)