~The Unexpected Guest ~

She was the epitome of innocence…
Everyone adores her naiveness
She was all natural 
Pure as her tears
Her smile moves hearts
Touches souls of men
Never a damsel in distress
She was just artless and plain
No complexities 
Never been in trouble
She was soft spoken nonchalant lady 
She could not ignite a fire
Could not evoke rage
She was uncorrupted 
She was so pristine
Then came a white knight 
And he was her unexpected guest….
He took her away 
Off to misery…
Ravaged her peace
Tainted her soul
He broke her heart
Broke her sanity
She can never be whole again

© quirky

​~The Darkest Truth~

You will always be my greatest phobia…

The kind of fear that will haunt me to death

You will be my preoccupation 

My most bitter apology


You will be my despair…

And your tears my oxygen

The moment you let go of me

You know that

I need you…

You are my air… 

My heart beat…

My sanity…


You will be a plague

My unbearable torture

My shameful disaster

The moment you kiss me goodbye

You are my hope…

My clarity…

My good night sleep…


You will be my historic anguish 

Once you leave me unwanted

You are my peace…

My vision…

My reason to live…

My existence…


You will be my unforgettable trauma

My deepest cut

My incurable wound

Once you walk away

You are the ink in my peculiar pen

You are the life of my poems

The harmony to my songs

The only truth of my future


None could comprehend the magnitude of your tremor

The calamity you might bring into my life

Once you become my darkest memory
© quirky

~Till it Gets Wet~

Dull… Dry…This is how my day started

Longing for your sweet caresses

Hoping you’ll tame my recklessness

I search for you

Yet you were quiet

Cowed by your silence

Can’t you see the reason of my existence?

Might be too much to ask

A little time

A little attention

A little affection

Now I’m caught off guard by madness

All these heightened emotions won’t recede

I keep coming back to my comfort zone

Where in hunger I found sympathy

For lust loves it’s company

It’s you I want to lose my sanity

If only you could torment me with your stroke 

Drown me in your pleasure

And forge a fire leading to unrestrained tryst

Provoke me not with your mute obsession

Plant me with kisses that could roused my demons

A foreplay vividly floating in mind

Calling you

Screaming your name

Will you finish the rhythm?

Slow to raging breathing

Low to the highest peak

The push and pull

Creases to bits and pieces

As we reach the climax

Soaking wet

This is how I want to end my day
© quirky dark erotica

~Soul Searching~


I know I lost you
I couldn’t recall
Where I have been
How I dropped my senses
It is just too heavy
For me to keep my sanity
I woke up in a different world
New faces I met
And places I have never explored
I know I lost you…
A dying smoke slowly fading
Tears won’t stop falling
I have completely gone astray
I perished along with peace
In chaos and confusions I live
I wandered into slavery
Became a prisoner of my own adversity
Woe, I cannot escape from my own predicament
I was poisoned by my self serving torment
Loneliness is what brought me here
Searching a cure seemed futile
I devoured in hate
Feed too much of distress
I know I lost you…
A happy soul I once was
To find you again
I have to depart from this world


*”Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” ~Henry David Thoreau.

~The Psyche~


Alas this darkness
I failed to succumb to lightness
I exist to love chaos
To create war within my thoughts
To fear angels
To celebrate with my own demons
I am worthless
Reckless in my words
A second-rate poet
Surrounded by legends
Inside there’s a battle going on
Matter over mind
Hate over love
Destruction over clarity
None can tame my shadow
Who can stop me?
Till death join me as I weep in my own funeral

© quirky shine

~Ghost of Your Past~ (senryu)

Old memories dwell

Like an old broken record

The ghost of your past


Happy Halloween to all… this is my theme for Halloween, no fictional ghost stories, no vampires, no ogres, no white ladies, and no chucky. We can find a lot of horrifying stories in our communities and in reality. Our past could scare us. People have more power to hurt than Casper the ghost. My theme for Halloween is more on crimes and reality. 🙂 May you all have a peaceful Halloween! Take care! 🙂 ~Q~

~The Seductress in Disguised~

Like a creepy zombie

Hiding in a facade of smiles

Beware of her disgusting kisses

And her deafening chants to swoon your heart

She’s hunting for a prey to quench her lustful drive

She’s mimicking mellow voices to win their trust

Drinking fresh blood in her silver glass

She creates a scene and writes obscene

Are you aware that

Her heart’s not free?

Yet she joins the feast

To celebrate the horror of adultery

That gave birth to another misery

Another spirit shattered

One lost soul uncovered

So beware of this seductress in disguised

She will come to you

Any minute… anytime

© quirky.darkpoetry.

~The Wreckage~


Fire, don’t turn my dreams to ashes

Water, don’t drown my heart to shame

Wind, don’t let happiness pass by

I am slowly fading

Dying in vain

Hear my empty cries

I just know no rhymes

Hear my call?

I’m out of control

I’m losing myself

Trapped in a dungeon

With a hungry dragon

Help! I need help!

Rescue me from the curses of hell

I am evil, hateful, impassioned

I am vicious, irascible, homicidal

I am wicked, querelous, enraged 

By spirits I kept enslaved

My life is a disaster

Beastly words tainted my skin

I am raising my wrath

Till one soul get sacrilege

To rage war against my head

A dream, a wish, a hope

One could never reach

My hand slowly bleeds

Starved to retaliate

I died long time ago

But I have to come back

To  break the curse

That once wrecked my soul

© quirky shine

     dark poetry




Thou shan’t wake the demon

Inside her six senses

Six curses waiting

Six monsters rejoicing

Six days of darkness

Fear her number 666

Her blood boiling of obstinate rage

She stretched out her hands towards the ferocious skies,

Calling demons 

To reign o’er men

Feel her beastly wrath 

Down your spine

Infecting plagues 

So difficult to withstand

No one can ever succumb to her sinister plot

If you wake the demon

Better prepare your grave

She is hiding the devil

Behind her pretty face

Sleeping soundly till you arouse her senses

Beware of her evil scheme

Her words are piercing

Her songs are deafening

Her touch is trembling

She haunts innocent souls

leading men to the pathway of sin

Never ever fall into her trap

She is the angel of wrath

The queen of darkness

Thou shan’t wake the demon

Inside her 6 senses

Fear her number 666

© quirky 2015





Wandering through the beautiful park,

This lovely sweet young lady met a strange young looking man.

This man who has angelic eyes is filled with evil desires,

Drawn by his sweet words, this young lady fell into his trap.


With force, violence, and intimidation,

He took her away from her beautiful world.

When everything turned gloomy, this young man did all his demonic rituals.

Then depth of darkness begins to enslave her soul.

Tears start to fall in her weary eyes.

Helpless!! She cried for mercy…

“Please don’t kill me,” she begged.

But no one could hear her loudest screams.


She was choked up with so much terror,

Suffocated in her own scent of death.

Alas! Darkness is consummated!

Knowing that this will be her twisted fate,

She spoke her last words, “Good bye Cruel World!”

Then her lifeless body couldn’t be saved anymore.