~November Fifth~

Remembering the battle I fought so hard… it was a different kind of battle… it was a battle between life and death, faith and doubt, hope and despair, love and resentment. It was far from the battle of many ordinary people. It was a fight for freedom… to liberate myself from darkness that almost killed the cells in my body… It was a fight for love… to pierce my heart that was shrouded in fear, it was a fight for hope… to uncover every doubt playing in my thoughts…it was a fight for life… to reveal the secrets of death. Remembering the days when breathing was not free for me, when every air I breathe costs more than my salary. Remembering the days when smile is akin to cure. Every cheer is equivalent to a vial injected to my veins. Remembering the days when love and comfort from my family, relatives, and friends are worth more than any precious gems or jewels in the universe. Remembering the days when I was in the hands of the angels in scrubs/white uniform with stethoscope hanging around their neck. Their words of inspiration are like food for the soul. Remembering the people behind me… my family, friends, relatives, doctors and nurses… Remembering the people who were there for me and who are still with me today. All of you have a special place in my heart and may the good Lord bless you with a beautiful and blissful life.

Thank you Lord for giving me another life!!

November 5, 2012 a day worth remembering!!