Come away with me…

Let those sadness be gone 

Let me pick up the pieces

Glue them together 

To complete the puzzle

Allow me to wander in your heart

Fill the void

Be your madness

In this crazy world

Come away with me…

Depart from all blues

Let me put a smile on your face

Allow me to be your easiest escape

Your fastest get away

Let us travel to insanity

Delight in blissful glories

I wanna get lost in our dreams

Together, we chase paper planes 

Make love like there’s  no tomorrow

Come away with me

Drift into this sweetest fantasy
© quirky 

~Wild Flower~

She’s like lilies and stargazers…

Blooming her way out of madness.

Her tears are like rose petals… 

Making every scar looks radiant.

She moves gracefully like dancing ladies…

Not afraid to sway life’s dismay.

And she loves like sunflowers and tulips…

Always looking forward to a happier day.

Hold her like she’s a daffodil in fields of baby’s breathe

She’s a garden of light and hope

“A free and gentle flower growing wild”
© quirky


                She is a poet

         And she bleeds to heal.

         For better or for worse…

                She will write

           Till it hurts no more
                     © quirky 


You give weight to my heart…

Never ever will I defy you.

You are my powerful force…

My special kind of gravity.

In times of confusion…

Love pulled me through.
© quirky ♡♡♡♡

~The Lone Writer~

Lonely she goes unnoticed

She cries for mercy

Like a slave for misery

She wants to break her silence

After the betrayal of her shadow

Hurting, she thirsts for blood

To quench her drive to write

All the stories in her barren mind

Unable to master the art of exploiting her crippled heart

Scribbling, she sought to find her healing

Through her wild imaginations, bereft of meaning

Naked she hides her feelings

She was stripped off passion

And lost possession of her dreams

Her thoughts were never celebrated

And her letters were drenched with tears

The lone writer left this place

Not a voice was heard

No traces of her pen

“Solitude has always been her friend”

© quirkyshine

~Art from Scratch~

IMG_20150208_154901 IMG_20150208_155104

I am in the mood to draw and make an art out of my old sketch pad and watercolour. Drawing is not really my passion maybe because I am not that confident with my artworks but I do like to draw. I draw for the joy of expression and to test myself if I can compete with my dad and my other relatives. However, my skills and knowledge in visual arts are somewhat limited. I may have the talent but I do not have the time to enhance my craft. If there is one thing I need to master it would be the skill of drawing the figure from my imagination. That is quite difficult for most artist than using a model or a picture. Many of my drawings were imitations or inspired by images I found in different sites and I got tired of this technique. I do hope to find a good teacher someday to teach me all the secrets of the greatest artist in the world. I do like to ask my dad and uncle but I do want to surprise them someday. Well today I’m just not in the mood to write so I thought of posting my artworks.


The picture above is an art from my old sketch pad and I tried reinventing it by using watercolour and pen.


And The pictures below are sketches of flowers and my favorite anime… 🙂  




Love and blessings,