~Dead End~

Here we are chasing hearts again
Chasing love that can never be ours
Hours, days, even years of running in circles
No point of destination
A blind hope per se
Behind, I stand
In front, she is
And then there you are
Not looking back
Just facing her
Here we are chasing hearts again
Waiting for love that goes in vain

(c) quirkyshine

7 thoughts on “~Dead End~

  1. Very beautiful… please allow me to add few sentences, this sparked my inspiration. I hope you like this.

    ”The love goes in vain, if one does not face pain.
    All I ever wanted was you to face me. Unarmed, genuine and silent.
    The blind hope per se,
    made me chase hearts alone.
    In reality, you never chased anything with me. You never could face me.
    In front, I am
    In past, you are.
    Love cannot be chased,
    I’ll just end up in maze. ”

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