~Ben and Ben~

I was not supposed to hate you…
Whatever I do, whatever I feed to my thoughts
I always come back to our friendship
No matter how mad or angry I become
I can’t afford to be vengeful
Not to you…
What is in my heart now is pain
What I cannot mend is this wound so deep
And even though I am losing hope and losing faith
What is in the bottom of my heart
Is love…
That love always brings comfort
It has all the power to heal it’s own, and that…
Love causes tears
Tears that can wash off stains of yesterdays
Tears that can water our happy memories
Tears that can purify the soul and welcome forgiveness
Tears that can clear my vision
That no matter how painful life can be for us
The choices we made…
The chances we took…
The opportunities we passed by…
I am still here drawing strength from the bottom of my heart.
Believing one day, I’ll be singing this song “you never really love someone until you learn to forgive”
One day… I will learn to forgive.

(c) quirkyshine, 12/1/2019

***Ben and Ben is a name of a local band from the Philippines, who wrote and sang the famous song “Leaves.” It is a beautiful song, with a powerful medsage.

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