~No Traces~

Tonight, there is something to reminisce…
Of a love, of a boy, of a heartache
Still a bit clueless but I know there is something to remember…
Mine heart not easy to forget
Mind cares of who had left
Every night I want nothing more
But to mend this regret
Leave traces of him behind
Tonight, let it be the night
To send off memories to the sky
Consume my thoughts with all the “what ifs and should haves”
Till I get tired…
Till I get lost…
Till I run out of reasons
Tonight, is the night
To put these feelings to sleep
And to wake up one day
With no flashing histories
Cause the only thing I know is just his name

(c) quirkyshine

June 15, 2019

9 thoughts on “~No Traces~

  1. Feeling lost

    I feel so lost
    Help me find my way out, out
    Really don’t know what to do
    Need some inspiration
    No complication
    Get me to the bottom line
    Finding me, finding you when you are lost
    Lost in the crowd of thoughts
    Lost in the next direction we want to go
    Lost in the heart……. that there we may find nothing, nothing
    When we are lost, we are found again

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