~This is Life~

It’s quite hard to serve two masters at the same time. At some point I have to make a decision and have to let go of something that I really love to do. I have to give up on one dream in order to cater what is really needed as of the moment. 
Okay… okay… fine! I am not really giving up nor ditching some good opportunities but maybe putting that dream on hold. My wise old man archetype is telling me that “hey! Wake up to reality and move in to that direction – pointing to that other door”. 

Should I follow that realistic intuition? What’s behind that door? A good life? Travel opportunities? Happiness? Career? Love?  Heaven? God knows how much I wanna invest on genuine happiness and with the all the gifts and talents He bestowed upon me, I wanna use it for His glory.

“For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.” -Matthew 25:29
“In the long run we get no more than we have been willing to risk giving.” Sheldon Kopp
I am indeed accountable for my future and for all the blessings I received from God. And so here I am – about to open that door. One day my bucket list will start checking itself because I made the right choice. 

So am taking a long hiatus from writing as I am patiently building another empire for my other dreams. The title, the job, the places I wanted to visit, the stories I wanted to write, the happiness and peace inside my heart… one day… one day… that door… that door… will open…
Knock! Knock!
“Who’s there?”
“This is Life!”
(c) Quirkyshine 

29 thoughts on “~This is Life~

  1. I’m here to “cocreatively” help you joyfully and most vibrantly open those doors. Yet even me, who’s traveled through many gates and many doors, I can’t go through most of the doors you’ll choose to journey through. Be patient with yourself and with God (the Universe). At times I can be both the master of patience and the master of waiting. Yet these aren’t the same thing. Soar and rise up with all the opportunities that come your way. Know the difference between Earthly, Cosmic, Universal, and Heavenly opportunities. These are all different categories of expression, fulfilled satisfactory life worth living, and experiences that will help you check off your bucket list. Soon you’ll come to find your glass is both completely full and totally abundant with more than enough to share. Yet right now, reserve and revere in all your inspirationally energy to cocreate the dream, reality, life, and world you’ve always wanted to truly experience. Remember, all prayers are answered and sometimes it isn’t right away. Other times its during moments when you least expect it. Believe in both miracles and your successful abilities to have (manifest) all the great things you’ve ever wanted. Its all but.a dream, prayer, and intention so close to your doors-steps. Such steps leader to greater doorways and those greatest doorways will lead to windows that will help evolve, uplift, and spiritually advance your mind, body, heart, and soul.

      • Despite my bright spirited words and seemingly positive attitude, I feel terrible right now. I was feel good for a few short days. Then somewhat suddenly I was heartstriken with grief and anguish. I’m doing all I can. The pain of things makes me so tired and I get exhausted daily because of this constant battle. What holds true is that the pen is mightier than the sword. I will both be sincere to the soul virtues of life and the true cosmic heart of creation. You’re a friend from afar that I always thought I’d meet. Yet I didn’t anticipate it’d be through social media. I am grateful for your presence either way.

  2. Truly enjoyed the content of this post, wish you all the best of luck in the future. May all your dreams transmute into reality 😊

  3. Some doors are there for you to open to make your life here better, some you will share more, love more, help more, making the lives of others better. You are a blessing you do not have stop writing or sharing, be yourself, keep the spiritual relationship, as it lasts forever, pray and seek, go after your dreams, and you will grow in many ways, never sit back and say to yourself I wish I did this or that. Will always keep you in my prayers! Love you, my sister, may you find and accomplish what you seek to do in this decade or the next, and as you search, always look at what you chose to do the previous years and see how much value was achieved from the choice!

    • Thank you so much brother… prayers help a lot… yup I won’t stop writing but need to take a break for awhile… 😊😊😊 i will be back in time 😊😊 God bless you more 😊😊

  4. Life is life. You can never go back to the past but you can still change something that was broken. Just Saying! 🙂 Great post. God Bless ❤
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